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Service Hours

Service Hours

Swim Meets are one of the biggest fundraisers that we hold. It is also an opportunity that we give our swimmers to have competition experience without having to travel. Swim Meets are important aspect to getting the most out of the sport of swimming, and we want to provide this opportunity to our competitive swimmers.

Swim Meets need many people to be able to operate well. We ask that all of our members to be a part of these meets, and play a role in the swimming world. There is no role that is too small, and every position allows you to be a part of making the swim meet happen.
We have minimum requirements for most families on our team. These are minimums to make sure that all member families participate, but there are many in the organization that go over and beyond their hours, as they know that a local meet only goes on if they do their part. We hope that you join us in putting some great events for our swimmers and the sport of swimming.