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Entering a Swim Meet

Entering a Swim Meet with CSSC

  1. Go to our Meets and Events Page.

  2. Go to the Event you wish to commit to attending and click on the Attend/Decline Button.

  3. Click on the Drop Down Menu and select Yes (you plan on attending this event).

  4. Go to the Text Box for Notes and indicate the days you plan on attending the meet.

  5. Click on Save Changes (Do not forget this part).

  6. Entry Deadline is Sunday two weeks before the event.

  7. Your coach will select your child's events and approve the entry. This is supposed to take place before Tuesday Morning (Please review on Tuesday to see if there are any mistakes. Any mistakes or corrections you can contact your coach or Coach Kacy to make changes).

  8. Entries are finalized on Wednesday at 10:00am.

  9. Entries are sent on Wednesday by 1:00pm by the team. (There are no refunds or additions at this point).

  10. Your account will be billed after the entries are sent. (Meets that are at the end of the month may be billed the following month for invoicing purposes).