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Novice Swimmer Program

Novice Swimmer Program

N​ovice Programs are offered September - May. These athletes can join our Summer League Teams June - August.

Conejo Simi Club offers Novice Program for swimmers ages 5 - 13.

For swimmers that are not proficient at all 4 strokes, we offer a program on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at both sites: Rancho-Simi and CLU.

This Group trains on Tuesday and Thursday once the are able to swim all 4 strokes.

3 Day group is $75 per month

5 Day group is $100 per month

Philosophy: Stroke mechanics need to be taught and reinforced throughout a swimmers time at this level. Monday, Wednesday, Friday's will be designed for building and reinforcing mechanics of the strokes and skills. Tuesday and Thursdays will be designed to reinforce mechanics, but will also have the athletes swim a little longer and be introduced to aspects of training for the Red Group.

Swimmers 14 and Over that swim at this level of swimming is encouraged to join Daland Swim School's program before joining our club.

These groups may use fins, kickboards, and buoy. It is recommended to have their own.