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Age Group Program

Age Group Program

The Age-Group Program is September - May. June - August swimmers in these programs can join the Summer League Teams or join the Elite Age-Group Program.

Conejo Simi Swim Club offers two groups in our Age Group Program. The Red and Blue Group are offered at both sites: Rancho-Simi and CLU. Red Group is designed for ages 7 - 14 year olds. The Blue Group is designed for swimmers ages 8 - 15 years old.

Red Group workouts range from 60 - 90 minutes of length. This consists of Dryland and in-water portions of training.

Blue Group workouts range from 75 - 105 minutes of length. This consists of Dryland and in-water portions of training.

These groups continue to develop and reinforce mechanics, but begin aspects of training.

Training is organized into a season plan of phases. This means that certain times of the season the focus changes between: Stroke Work, Power, Endurance, and Speed. Workouts are not the same all season.

Red Group is $125 per month.

Blue Group is $140 per month.

No Requirement on Attendance, but highly encouraged to attend at least 3 days per week.

Swim Meets are not required, but it is encouraged to attend swim meets to practice racing, and to see if the muscle memory is developing in the athletes at Race speed.

Looking to develop swimmers between the National BB Time Standard and National AAA Time Standard and we won't be able to recognize if they are getting close to these standards without attending meets.

Swimmers in these groups should be looking to make Championship meets.

These groups use fins, paddles, Kick boards, and buoy. It is best to have their own equipment. If they do not have their own it is not guaranteed that one will be provided, and coaches are not expected to create a different set because a swimmer is missing equipment.