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Senior Program

Senior Program

The Senior Group will be designed into Distance and Sprint Workout Groups. All athletes 14 and under will train in distance unless they have a 13-14 AAA Time Standard in a sprint event.

The Senior Meet Schedule will be designed with Two Tracks: The Senior Swimming Track and the Pre-Senior Track. The Senior Track is our main focus for this group and these meets have many different time standards. The Pre-Senior Track will look similar to the Age-Group Track, and athletes may have to check in with Age-Group Coaches at these meets.

Our Senior program is designed for athletes 12 and Over. These groups are on a training plan designed to hit all energy zones every 2 week cycle. Stroke and Skill development occur throughout the season.

Base Interval Training are 1:20 or faster for Free, 1:30 or faster for IM, and 1:45 or faster for kick.

Gym Workouts will be for athletes 16 and Over unless approved by the Head Coach. The athletes follow the workout on the TrainHeroic App and can be done under supervision at the 24 Hour Fitness in Simi Valley, or can be done on their own at another gym