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Swim Meet Policy

CSSC Swim Meet Policy

    To be entered into a Swim Meet, you must log into your CSSC account. Select the Meet that you like to attend and commit to the meet in the drop down menu. You may have the option to choose events. The coaching staff recommends to leave blank and leave a note in the given area. In the note area indicate days that you plan on attending and any other notes you'd like to leave for the coach. The coach will go in and select events for the athlete according to the notes that you have left.

   You must be entered by the entry deadline indicated on our website. This will allow coaches to have time to approve the entries before we send in a full team entry to the meet processor. Your account will be billed accordingly to the meet fees.

    When you commit to a swim meet, your swimmer becomes part of our teams swimmer count. Timing assignments are designated to teams by the swimmer count. The higher the percentage of swimmers at the meet the more chairs our team is assigned. So, committing to the meet is commitment to help fill timing chairs. We do our best to not have to use first time swimmers, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Refusal to take a timing assignment when asked can result in a suspension from being approved for future meets. Please help us fill our obligation in timing assignments.

    We ask that swimmers are ready to participate in warm-ups in the beginning of the meet. This becomes critical as the swimmer gets older, and we try to establish the routine of warm-ups early in the morning at an early age. Please help us develop the routine for your swimmers future success in the sport by getting them on time to warm-ups. CSSC typically warms up an hour before the start of the meet unless indicated by e-mail prior. Warm-up may begin with a stretch before entering the water, so swimmers should be prepared in case we do a stretch. If we warm-up an hour before the start time, the swimmer should be checked in before warm-ups. If we indicate that we will be doing the early warm-up; swimmers will have time to check in after the warm-up. If a swimmer is late, they may or may not be able to join their group for warm-ups. The swimmer may be directed to warm-up in another area, or after the group is done with their warm-up on their own.