Volunteer Hours

This 2020 season each family will have 10 hours of parent help excluding the hosted swim meets for HVDA as those are our fundraisers. If you take a break/put on hold you are still obligated to work the hours off and do not lose any hours worked when resigning. If you do decide to depart from the team then either the hours have to be worked off prior to your departure or your account will be billed for the hours not worked in the yearly duties ($10 per hour).

These are preapproved opportunities to meet your annual 10 hour volunteer obligation:

  • Transporting EZ Ups to and from away meets.
  • Extra timing chair hours at away meet
  • Serving on a committee - Fundraising, Parties, Banquet.
  • HVDA social events such as parties, banquets, swimmer appreciation nights etc.
  • Any hours volunteered over the required 6 hours at home meet.
  • All other hours are to be pre-approved by the Team Administrator and two board members

Set up at meets

This is a job where you get 1.0 hours to set up Team EZ ups at a Swim meet. You will sign up with Randy Palma or Cecilia Rubin by email or on deck. This job fills fast so look for future meets you can commit to and sign up for those. Your swimmer does not have to be in the meet for you to do transport. (if your swimmer is not in the meet you might get an email to confirm it was not a mistake.) You will be given a specific time, date to set up. It is important you get there on time and set up what’s needed. You will pick the EZ ups from our home team  "West  Valley High School Aquatics and transport them to the meet location. If the set up person is a no show or is too late to set up we add 1.0 hours to the total family hours of that family. Most of the set ups occur on a Saturday morning, but some  take place around 3 pm on Friday afternoons, so make sure you are looking at the date and time of the set up when signing up. We need 72 hour notice if you have to cancel your spot on set up so we can find a replacement.

Tear Down at meets

This is done at the end of the meets on Sunday afternoon. You will sign up with Cecilia Rubin by email or on deck. Keep in mind this person needs to wait until the end of the meet for HVDA or close to the end of the meet to take the EZ ups from the coaches and athletes. If your swimmer is done early you will need to stay to make sure all staff and athletes have proper shade, cover from rain, etc until the last HVDA swimmer is done or the coach at the meet gives you the green light. The person that does the tear down gets 1.0 hours for this parent duty. If this family is a no show they will get 1.0 hours added to the total family hours. You will transport the EZ ups from the meet to the storage location. We need a 72 hour notice if you have to cancel your spot on tear down so we can try and fill the position.

Pulling pool covers  (Winter months only)

We will begin putting on pool covers at 7:15 Monday-Friday and finish approximately 7:45.  We require a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 volunteers age 18 or older.  2-3 Volunteers will be responsible for pulling the rope/cover and 2-3 volunteers will be hooking/unhooking the cover.  Volunteers for this will receive 30 minutes credit.

Hot Cocoa (Winter months only)

We will offer some parent hours for Tuesday or Thursday nights serving Hot Cocoa. We will need this person at the pool at 6:00 p.m. to start warming water and getting the cups ready. The shift is 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. You can sign up for this on deck with a board member.

Annual Awards Banquet Committee

Help organize the annual awards banquet that recognizes each HVDA swimmer.  We will be asking for committee members beginning June.