Silver Group

 **Silver Group - Time: 6:00 pm  to 7:30 pm  Cost $100.00 per month

Roughly ages 10-14


  • Have obtained red time and some blue time standards.
  • Proficient and legal in all four strokes.
  • Silver group swimmers must attend at least 75 % of practices.
  • Swim meet participation is mandatory and your child must attend regularly.


  • Silver group swimmer goals are to obtain blue and invitational time standards.

Equipment Required:

  • Kick Board
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap
  • Fins
  • Pool Buoy
  • Hand Paddles

Move up sets:

2 x 50's Butterfly @ 1:10

2 x 100's Freestyle @ 2:00 

30 seconds rest

2 x 50's Backstroke @ 1:10

2 x 100's Freestyle @ 2:00

30 seconds rest

2 x 50's Breastroke @ 1:15

2 x 100's Freestyle @ 2:00

30 second rest

2 x 50's Freestyle @ 1:00

2 x 100's IM @ 3:15



Swimmers are expected to participate in 80% of the swim meets. 

A team cap is required for all swim meets.

**Silver and gold swimmers are normally children who have decided to make competitive swimming their primary sport. Movement up to these groups is determined by our coaches. Prior to a child entering these groups, a meeting is set up with the coach, parents and swimmer to discuss the expectations and requirements in being in these groups.