About Swim Meets

For all of the new parents, we tend to have two types of swim meets:

Invitationals and Dual Meets:

Dual Meets are a swim meet with one other program similar to ours.  Sometimes a third team may join us. Usually these meets take a few hours to complete and tend to be either on Saturday or Sunday.  At this time we do not have any dual meets scheduled.  However, we are looking to host one in the fall if we can find a team willing to visit.  The groups that compete in dual meets are Level 1 and up.

Invitationals are much larger swim meets that tend to have many teams and hundreds of swimmers.  These events take the entire weekend to complete. Before that scares you off that just means the coaches are there the entire weekend not the athletes and not the parents.  These swim meets are broken into sessions. Traditionally the younger swimmers (12 and under) swim in the morning and the older swimmers (13 and up) swim in the afternoons.  The rule by our governing body stipulates that no session should last more then 4 hours.  Our division is very good in standing by this rule.  The groups that compete at an Invitational are Level 1 Gold and up.

Please be aware that all swimmers must provide a parent to share the club's timing responsibility at the meet.  Usually each family is requested to time a minimum of 1 hour per day of the meet - please plan ahead for this.

Meet Entry Procedure

LASC enters each meet electronically as a club. Please submit your swimmer's name and meet days available to your coach on deck before the stated LASC entry deadline for each swim meet. Your coach will select which races to enter.

You must have a Swim Account set up with LASC's Treasurer, Judy Copses with a positive balance in order to enter each meet. Your swim account will be charged for the number of events you enter and a $10 charge per swimmer per weekend to compensate the coaches for their time.