By agreeing to join LASC, you have agreed to have read all of our policies and procedures and abide by all of the rules. You will be able to access them once you have turned in your paperwork and I have set you up in the system.  As mentioned you are responsible to know them and abide by the rules.

Once you are set up in our system and have established your password you can also access our team policies and procedures by clicking on the blue tab on our main web site. A “Parents” drop down menu will appear.  Click on “Team Policies” and all of them will appear. 


Documents Required for Membership with Los Angeles Swim Club

Parents with multiple swimmers: Each of your swimmers must have their own set of documents.

  1. Enrollment Form

  2. USA Swimming/LASC Liability Release & Indemnification Form

  3. LASC Policies & Procedures Form

  4. Group Placement Policy Form

  5. Liability Waiver for Medical Treatment Form

  6. Team Parent Agreement 

  7. Swimmer Contract, Code of Conduct, Team Rules Agreement

  8. Social Media Policy

  9. USA Swimming Concussion Information Sheet 

  10. Copy of Birth Certificate