The Fine Print

The Fine Print:

Gators Swim Club Year-Round Swimming

2017-2018 Gators Registration Fees

Every swimmer will pay a yearly registration fee that will cover administrative costs. This fee is assessed regardless of participation in swim meets. The registration fee will also cover a team suit, 2 silicon swim caps, 2 team t-shirts and one parent shirt.

  • The Registration fees are as follows:
    • $200 for swimmers registering in September through March
    • $150 for swimmers registering in April through July

USA Swimming Yearly Membership

A USA Swimming registration fee of $66.00 is assessed once a year.  This applies to a calendar year, and any swimmers who register for a year-round Gators Swim Club group will  have to pay the $66 no matter what month they register in.

Swim Meets

Fees:  Each swim meet that our swim team participates in is governed by the laws of United States Swimming and its Local Swim Committee (Southern California Swimming). If you participate in a swim meet, the cost associated with the swim meet is assessed by Southern California Swimming. In general, Southern California Swimming (SCS) will assess a fee of $3 - $7 per individual event (higher range for championship meets) and a $7-$10 surcharge per swim meet.  The Gators will assess an additional $3 administrative surcharge.  Swim meet entry fees will be billed, and must be paid, in advance of the meet.

Time-Line: Swim meets have a four-hour rule. United States Swimming mandates that a swim meet session cannot last more than 4 hours. In general, most morning swim meet sessions will have a start time of 9:00AM and will generally end by 12:30PM. This applies for both Saturday and Sunday. For the afternoon session, the meet will start one hour after the conclusion of the morning session and will last no more than 4 hours. The morning sessions are generally for swimmers in age groups of 10 and under swimmers. The afternoon sessions are generally for 11-12 and 13 years and over swimmers.

Volunteering and Fundraising Expectations

Volunteering: Gators Swim Club requires all families to donate a portion of their time in furthering the goals of the team.  The Gators Swim Club requires each family to volunteer 15 hours per year.

  • Most of the volunteer hours will be needed at the following Gators Swim Club events:
    • Head Timers at swim meets
    • Lap Swim Challenge day
    • ​GSC hosted swim meets in May and July
      • A meet coordinator will organize all volunteer assignments. You may also be asked to donate food to our swim meet snack bar. Donated items will be discounted from each family’s volunteer hours.

Hosting a swim meet necessitates everyone on the team's cooperation. Southern California Swimming will assess our performance at each meet and this will determine meet assignments in the future.

  • We value each volunteer hour at $40. Families that choose NOT to volunteer will be assessed a charge of up to $600.00 for the swim year, calculated for the number of hours they choose not to volunteer.

Fundraising: The Gators Swim Club will host several fundraising events throughout the year. Each swimmer will be responsible for fundraising $100.00 (maximum $200.00 per family).

  • Money raised will help fund coaches’ professional development, pool and facility rental, local and regional meet expenses for the coaching staff, purchase of new equipment and replacing old equipment. We will provide additional information as the fundraising opportunities present themselves throughout the year.

Notice to Exit Program

It is mandatory that families contact us by the 21st of the month when exiting the Gators Swim Club program. We need this verification in writing, so please send an email to Coach Alicia,, detailing your intention to exit the program. She will respond to your email with details of when your billing will end.