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Swim Meet Schedule

 last updated: 1/13/2020

PVST Meet Schedule

Subject to Change

PVST Hosted Meets in BOLD

Date PVST Training Group Meet / Location
9/21-22 All Groups PVST September Pentathlon SCY BRW @ ACHS
10/5-6 Red and above Groups Paseo BRW @ Santa Clarita
11/2-3 All Groups PVST Turkey Meet SCY BRW @ ACHS
11/22-24 Blue and above Groups CANY Cranberry Meet
12/6-8 Red and above Groups CSSC "Last Ditch"BRW @ Simi Valley
12/13-16 Sr Qualifiers CA/NV Sectionals @ ELAC
12/13-16 Age Group Qualifiers WAG Championships @ Santa Clarita
12/20-22 Sr Qualifiers SCS Sr Dev Champs @ Cerritos College
Date PVST Training Group Meet / Location
1/11-12 All Groups PVST January BRW @ ACHS
2/14-16 Age Group Qualifiers CANY Age Group Q Invite @ Santa Clarita
2/29 - 3/1 All Groups PVST Leap Weekend BRW @ ACHS
3/12-15 Age Group Qualifiers SCS Junior Olympics @ Rose Bowl (Pasadena)
3/21-22 Blue and above Groups Buena LCM BRW @ Ventura
4/4 All Groups PVST April 1-Day BRW @ ACHS
4/25-26 Blue and above Groups Buena LCM BRW @ Ventura
5/2 All Groups PVST May 1-Day BRW @ ACHS
5/22-24 Blue and above Groups CSSC Memorial LCM BRW @ Rancho Simi
6/11-14 Age Group Qualifiers SCS June Age Group Champs LCM  @ Ventura
6/20-21 All Groups PVST June BRW @ ACHS
7/9-12 Sr Qualifiers Los Angeles Invite @ Irvine
7/16-19 Sr Qualifiers CA/NV Sectionals @ Roseville
7/17-19 Blue and above Groups Paseo Age Group JO Qual/Last Chance @ Castaic
7/23-26 Age Group Qualifiers SCS Junior Olympic Champs LCM  @ Santa Clarita
8/1 All Groups PVST August 1-Day BRW @ ACHS
9/26-27 All Groups PVST September Pentathlon and BRW @ ACHS
11/7-8 All Groups PVST November BRW @ ACHS