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Swimmer Code of Conduct - Please print, sign and turn in to the office.


RAA provides an opportunity for swimmers to become part of an exciting competitive sport. RAA is dedicated to building competitive swimmers in all areas of aquatic sports. We are committed to this goal by providing excellent, qualified coaching in which we place a great deal of confidence.

We consider membership a privilege, not a right. We request your complete cooperation and understanding of the basic policies of our club.


  1. Dues
    Monthly dues range from $75 to $150 per month.  Dues are due on the first of each month. A $20.00 late fee will be assessed on the 10th.

  2. Annual Registration Fee
    All families are responsible for an annual $60.00 team registration fee upon enrollment and every year thereafter upon renewal. Registration fee for continuing members by September 15th.

  3. USA Swimming Registration
    All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming. This annual registration fee is due on new membership and upon renewal.

  4. Practice and Encouragement
    The parents job is to transport swimmers to workout on time and pick them up when their practice session is done. Offer positive encouragement to your swimmer.

  5. Provide Supervision
    Children who are not swimming must be under adult supervision at all times during practice and swim meets. RAA is not an "after school program" - when your child’s practice is done, you should either pick them up, or ensure that they have adult supervision until it’s time to leave.  Coaches will not act as supervisors or babysitters once a swimmers practice session has ended. 

  6. Courtesy for the Coaches
    Please leave the coaching to the coaches. Communication between coaching staff and parents should be prior to or after practice. Please be considerate of the coach’s time and other parent’s needs.

  7. Assist at RAA-hosted Swim Meets
    Each family is responsible for working from six to twelve hours at each RAA hosted swim meet (depending on the length of the meet).   
  8. Timer Duty at Meets
    When attending any USA sanctioned meet, other than RAA home meets, parents are required to fulfill the team’s timing responsibility for that meet. RAA is assigned a specific number of chairs at each meet.  Timing will be pre-assigned based on when the swimmer is swimming by the Away Meet Coordinator and e-mailed to families several days prior to the meet.  All parents must help fulfill the club’s timing requirement or the team will be fined by USA Swimming

  9. Fundraising & Volunteer Requirements
     RAA requires each swimmer to raise at least $120.  Families are asked to give a total of ten (10) volunteer hours outside of home meets and away meet timing, through the swim season (September thru August).