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Our Board

Regular monthly Board Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of the month at 5:45pm, on the Sippy Woodhead Pool deck.  All are welcome to attend.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Kevin Timko President

Shawn O'Brien Vice President

Lindsay Littler Secretary 

Guy Knox Treasurer
Vadim Dementyev At Large

More About the RAA Board of Directors

The Riverside Aquatics Association is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of five (5) persons elected by the membership in August. The five voting positions are: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Member at Large.

The Board members at the first Board meeting, following the general election by the membership, elect the Board President and other officers. Board members serve two-year terms and can be re-elected to serve consecutive terms.

The Board of Directors appoints members to a number of committees, which help conduct the business of the Association. Current committees include but are not limited to, Fundraising, Public Relations, Team Administrator, Pool Administrator, Equipment Administrator, Meet Administrator, and Communications.

Board meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 5:45pm at the Sippy Woodhead Pool.

USA Swimming and Other Governing Bodies

RAA is part of USA Swimming, which is a national governing body in the United States and is responsible for the conduct and administration of USA Swimming. Its headquarters are in Colorado Springs, CO and is affiliated with the International Federation for Aquatics (FINA). USA Swimming is divided into four zones, which are then broken down into local swim committees (LSC).  RAA is in Zone One, which covers the area west from Las Vegas, Barstow, and Indio to the Pacific Ocean and south from Atascadero to Mission Viejo and Irvine. SCS is further divided into four sections: Coastal, Eastern, Olympic, and Orange.  RAA belongs to the Eastern Section.

Southern California Swimming (SCS) is responsible for setting standardization guidelines under which all member teams operate. It sanctions meets; certifies officials; establishes B, A, AA, AAA, SCSRT, and higher time standards; publishes the Swim Guide and meet schedules; and disburses the SCS travel funds to send some swimmers to National and Zone meets.

RAA belongs to the Eastern Committee of SCS. The Eastern Committee has approximately 30 teams. Multiply this by the four sections in SCS and you have an idea of the scope of swimming in Southern California. It is interesting to note that SCS provided 37% of the US Olympic swimmers. This does not include the swimmers who trained here and swam for other countries. While not all teams in the Eastern Committee are year round, RAA is and competes in the winter short course meets and the summer long course meets.