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Thank you for choosing to join the Seal Beach Swim Club. 

Maria Fattal, Team Manager

(562) 430-1092

[email protected]

SEAL Beach Swim Team follows USA Swimming rules and regulations for all swimmers and parents.

Bullying Policy

Timing Chair Assignments

Seal Beach Club Handbook


Step 1:             Complete our membership form.

Step 2:             Write one check, payable to the Seal Beach Swim Club for the appropriate amount from below groups:


Silver II =$135

$50 - registration fee

$85 – 1st-month dues


Ages 10 & under – 1 hour


Silver I= $155

$50 - registration fee

$105 – 1st-month dues


Ages 10 & under –1 ½ - 2 hours

Total Montly Fee is $105

Gold I & Gold II = $160

$50 - registration fee

$110 – 1st-month dues


Ages 11 & older - 2 hours

Total Monthly Fee is $110

Senior = $180

$50 - registration fee

$130 – 1st month dues


Ages 13 & older - 2 + hours

Total Montly Fee is $130

                       MCGAUGH POOL:
                        Bronze I = $145
                        $50 Registration fee
                        $95 1st month dues
                        Ages 11 & under - 45 minutes
                        Total Monthly Fee is $95

Please note the dollar amounts listed above differ slightly for families who are enrolling more than one swimmer. These amounts differ as follows:

*  The $50 registration is a one-time fee applied to the family. If more than one swimmer is enrolled this fee should only be paid for one swimmer.

*  Monthly dues are discounted $20 per month for the second and third swimmer. Monthly dues are not charged for the fourth or more swimmers.

Step 3:             Fill out a USA Swimming Athlete Registration Form and write another check for $72 payable to Seal Beach Swim Club for 2021 insurance which covers athletes from Sept. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2021. Attach a photocopy of the swimmer’s birth certificate to the Athlete Registration Form.  The photocopy of the birth certificate is for birth date verification and will be returned to you.  Also, please fill out the Covid Release Form.

Step 4:             Bring ALL completed formsboth checks and photocopy of the birth certificate to your swim coach or to the base pool office. 

Step 5:             After your account is set up you will receive an email with your login and secure password for our website at

Step 6:             Print and read:  "SEAL Bullying policy", "Timing assignments" and "Seal Beach Club Handbook" Links are at the top of this page!

Once membership forms are processed, a file will be created for the family where medals and ribbons from meets will be placed. Be sure to check it regularly.

If you have any questions please call or email:

Maria Fattal (562) 430-1092 Team Manager [email protected]