Why Swim Meets?


Top 4 Reasons Why All USA Swimmers Should Compete in Meets


Meets motivate swimmers to continue, press on, and reach higher! Swimmers of any age who have committed to practicing on a consistent basis, whether it is 2 or 12 times a week, need the affirmation that their hard work and dedication are paying off. Swimming in meets shows swimmers how far they have come and how much farther they can go.

Incentives & Rewards

Rewards could be a ribbon, a medal, recognition for reaching a new time standard, or a personal best time. Individual recognition comes well-earned and well-deserved at the meets for our swimmers, from their teammates, the coaches, and their families.


Meets teach children a major life lesson: how to win with grace and lose with dignity. Many kids find it more honorable to not try, than to try and fail. Meets provide a safe place to fail as well as succeed, as well as an environment in which to be prepared for and not afraid of, both, inevitable circumstances.

Team Atmosphere

Although swimming is identified as an individual sport, long-term success and enjoyment comes from being part of a team. Meets provide young swimmers with a unique chance to get to know one another by hanging out in the team area, wearing team colors, cheering each other on, and swimming on team relays.