Swim Meet Prep


Swim Meet Preparation

Here's a reference guide to Swim Meet Preparation:

Swim Meet Preparation
Before the Meet
·        Eat well and drink lots (starting 3 days prior)
·        Check e-mail or web site for start times, warm-up times, and directions
·        Arrive at least 15 min prior to warm-ups  (warm-ups start promptly, and the team warms up together in an assigned lane)
·        Get set up and check in with coaches
·        Get a heat sheet and write events on swimmers arm or leg
What to Bring
·        Swim suit, cap, and goggles (consider bringing spares)
·        Towels - at least 2 per swimmer
·        Drinks: water, fruit juice, Gatorade
·        Snacks: granola bars, fun fruits, yogurt, cereal, jello cubes, sandwiches, raisins
·        Bath-robe or hoody & sweat pants
·        Extra towels to leave in the car
·        Sharpie/pen/hi-liter
·        Music player, travel games, books, anything to pass the time between events
·        Chairs for the swimmers and maybe yourself
During the Meet
The swimmer is responsible for getting to their event on time.
There will be no clerk-of-course as in SAIL meets.
Only swimmers, officials, coaches, and meet personnel are allowed on deck.
·        Swimmer should see the coach before and after each race
·        Stay warm and dry in between events
·        Stay off your feet (sit or lay down)
·        Best sportsmanship at all times
·        Last event – ask about participation in relays?
After the Meet
·        Check with coaches prior to leaving
·        Clean up area
·        Lots of positive feedback  
·        Set goals!