Code of Conduct

SOCAL swimmers represent many different ages and swimming abilities. Despite the differences, the one thing shared by everyone is that they must conduct themselves in a manner which shows respect for other swimmers, swim coaches, and facilities, whether at practice, or at a meet.

The following CODE OF CONDUCT is a general outline of the type of behavior which all swimmers, as well as their parents and coaches, are expected to follow at all times. The club recognizes that it is difficult to document all possible situations and therefore empowers the Board of Directors and coaches to discipline for any instances that are disruptive to the productivity of the overall group at practice or meets. As a USA Swimming affiliated club, we also follow their Code of Conduct which can be found at

As a SWIMMER member of SOCAL, I promise that:

  1. I will listen to coaches, and I will not disrupt team practices or meetings.
  2. I will not use profanity (swearing).
  3. I will not physically, or verbally, abuse or bully any other swimmer, coach, or official. Bullying may include shaming or ridiculing, persistent name calling that is hurtful, insulting or humiliating; using a person as butt of jokes; socially or physically excluding a person; pushing, shoving, kicking, poking, tripping, assault or threat of physical assault.
  4. I will not engage in any form of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying includes harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, posting pictures of or shaming another person using technologies including texting, streaming video and social media.
  5. I will respect the equipment and personal belongings of others, and will not use other peoples' equipment without permission.
  6. I will not take part in unsportsmanlike conduct such as taunting, poor showmanship, etc.
  7. I will not deliberately damage or misuse equipment or facilities.
  8. I will not make comments or exhibit behavior that is derogatory in nature (including comments or behavior that can be viewed as sexual harassment). This includes unsolicited or unwanted touching.

I understand that failure to comply with these rules will subject me to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the coach on deck or Board of Directors. Examples of disciplinary action may include removal from practice, meets or club functions. Excessive violations may also result in suspension and/or expulsion.

The following are examples of actions that are subject to immediate suspension and/or expulsion.

  1. The use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products (including vaping) affecting any club activity.
  2. Conviction for any unlawful act.
  3. Theft of club, facility or swimmer property.
  4. Physical, verbal or cyber bullying.
  5. Extreme demonstration of disrespect to property or individuals related to club activities.

SOCAL is fortunate to have highly experienced professional coaches working to develop our children into better swimmers and more importantly, disciplined people. As parents, it is essential that we give our coaching staff the respect and authority they deserve to run our swim team. Our coaches are hired for that purpose.

As a PARENT of a swimmer and member of SOCAL, I promise that:

  1. I will support the values of Discipline, Respect, Hard Work, and Teamwork during practice and meets and other swimming events and in my dealings with all coaches, parents, swimmers and officials.
  2. I will not coach or instruct the team or any swimmer at a practice or meets (from stands, deck area, locker rooms or any other area), interfere with coaches on the pool deck as they work, or unduly burden coaches or board members by directing excessive telephone calls or e-mails to them. I will enjoy my involvement with SOCAL by supporting the swimmers, coaches and other parents with positive communication and actions.
  3. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship by maintaining control and conduct myself in a manner that earns the respect of my child, other swimmers, parents, officials and the coaches at all practices and meets. I understand that criticizing, pressuring, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed towards coaches, officials, volunteers, board members and any participating swimmer and/or parent of a swimmer is unsportsmanlike and will not be permitted or tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.
  4. Maintain self-control at all times. Know my role…
    1. Swimmers – Swim
    2. Coaches – Coach
    3. Officials – Officiate
    4. Parents – Parent


  1. If I have any concerns or suggestions, I will take them directly to a member of the coaching staff or to the Board of Directors. It is our goal here at SOCAL to respond to all issues but to avoid spreading gossip or discord. Any concerns not addressed by your group coach should be sent to a member of the Board of Directors.
  2. I understand that officials who judge meets have the best interest of all swimmers in mind. I may not agree with calls or decisions made by officials during swim meets and other competitions, and if so, I will direct questions or concerns made by meet officials to a member of our coaching staff at an appropriate break time as not to interfere with other swimmers’ performance and time with the coaches.


  1. Participation by my child in swimming is voluntary. Participation in meets and events shall not be forced and suggested only when in the best interest of the child. The coaching staff has final approval on each swimmer’s meet entries. Once meet entries are submitted, I will support my child in the races they are scheduled to swim and not criticize or chastise the decision.

The Mission of SOCAL Aquatics is to create an environment that will enable every athlete to reach their potential; both in swimming and in life. I understand that as a coach I have tremendous influence, either good or bad, in the development of the swimmer both as an athlete and as a person. Thus, I will never place the value of winning above ensuring the physical and mental health of the swimmer and instilling the highest character.


As a COACH of SOCAL, I promise that: 

  1. I will adhere to the USA Swimming Code of conduct and all provisions set forth therein.
  2. I will adhere to all SOCAL rules, policies and bylaws.
  3. I will support the values of Discipline, Respect, Hard Work, and Teamwork during practice and meets and other swimming events and in my dealings with all other coaches, parents, swimmers and officials.
  4. I will avoid methods that cause risk to swimmer health and safety.
  5. I will proactively communicate any concerns I have about a swimmer’s physical or mental health to his or her parents. 
  6. I will treat all swimmers with respect, honesty and fairness. 
  7. I will not use profanity (swearing).
  8. I will not tolerate or engage in any form of bullying.
  9. I will not make comments or exhibit behavior that is derogatory in nature (including comments or behavior that can be viewed as sexual harassment). This includes any touching of “private parts,” kissing, massaging, or other overly familiar behavior between a coach and swimmer.
  10. If I witness any inappropriate behavior between a coach and swimmer I will report it to the parents and the board immediately.
  11. I will do my best to make swimming a fun, positive and healthy experience for all SOCAL.

Sanctions: Should I (parent, swimmer or coach) conduct myself in such a way that brings discredit or discord to SOCAL Aquatics or USA Swimming, I voluntarily subject myself to disciplinary action. SOCAL maintains the right to suspend or terminate any membership with or without cause in the interest of our vision, mission and objectives.



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