Team Partners
Bronze Group

Director/Coach: Bert Bergen

Coaches: Haley Hokanson, Hannah Maffris

Bronze (Ages 6-10)
(Space is limited and not all groups have space available).  We have worked hard to create a schedule with as many options as possible. Groups and times may not be mixed. Please don’t ask for exceptions. In order to maintain practice quality, swimmers must attend at the time for which they are registered.

Overview:  San Clemente Aquatics "Bronze Group" is centered around achieving the technical standards for all four strokes by introducing and familiarizing swimmers with drills, stroke mechanics and kicking sets, rules and regulations as well as age appropriate social interaction and support.

Program Frequency/Duration:

  • Three times weekly
  • 45 minutes each session and each class will swim about 900-1200 yards per session.
  • Year-round program
  • Revolving roster between new team members and “graduated” swimmers as skills are achieved.


  • Boys: jammers or briefs, goggles.  Cap optional
  • Girls: 1-piece competition suit, goggles, cap (required).  Hair must be completely inside cap
  • Swim training fins ("Tritan" fins are preferred.
  • All swim gear can be purchased at SCA team vendor.  Go to the link on our website to order gear.   

Board shorts, trunks, rash guards are not permitted in Bronze Group practices. 



  • Dual meets as scheduled by SCA.
  • Coach selected USA Swimming sanctioned meets. Typically 6-8 sanctioned meets annually.

Curriculum:  Designed around 4-week long training cycles, "Bronze" emphasizes and trains applicable components of each stroke. We want each swimmer to be USA Swimming proficient in all strokes and to become "race ready."  Each 45-minute practice will consist of a "Focus" point, a "Stroke of the Day/Week", an "End of Practice" challenge and a "Race" component.  Each practice consists of 3-5 minutes warm up including freestyle and kicking, 15-17 minutes of technical drills focusing on Swimmers will learn stroke and kicking mechanics, proper head and body position, starts, flip turns, streamlining and breakouts, and utilization of pace clock and send-off timing. 


Criteria to Move from Bronze to Silver Groups

 Swimmer must be at least 7 years old.

 Swimmer must be able to follow coach directive 90% of time during workouts.

 Swimmer must be on time for workouts 90% of time and attend a minimum of 85% of monthly practices.

 Swimmer must be able to swim five (5) x 50 yards freestyle on the 1:20 interval with legal flip turns, legal start and finish.

 Swimmer must be able to swim a legal 100 IM with legal butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle lengths with legal turns and start and finish.

 Swimmer must understand the concept of streamline and be able to demonstrate streamline during practice 100% of the time. ­­­

 Swimmer must be able to demonstrate maturity to work within a group environment 100% of the time.

 NOTE: a 7-year-old who is being considered for a move to Silver must ALSO have a minimum of THREE 5-8 Blue times and ONE 7-10 Blue time.

What does it mean by Legal Strokes?