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Dues/Payment Policy (2016-2017)


Payment and Billing Policies

When you become a member of the San Clemente Aquatics, you agree to pay the following fees and charges associated with the program. 

1) Monthly Dues (Workout Fee):  This is a monthly fee which covers your workout training and varies depending on group placement.  The first month's dues are paid during the online registration.

2) Team Registration:  Team Registration fee is $100 per family. Should your swimmer go inactive and return to the team for any reason other than medical reasons, they must re-register.  When re-registering you are charged the Team Registration. 

3)  Annual Swimmer Fee:  An annual swimmer fee of $40 will be charged to each swimmer once a year.

4) USA Swimming Registration Fee:  This is a mandatory annual fee of $66 covering your USA Swimming Membership. USA Swimming is the governing body of amateur swimming and provides insurance for your swimmer.  This registration is completed on the pool deck.  The forms are available from your coach. (This fee will be charged with the Fall Registration for returning swimmers).

San Clemente Aquatics (SCA) Monthly Dues – This fee varies according to the swimmer’s practice group (see Dues Schedule below). All families must use auto-pay for their monthly billing.  Swimmers will be held out of the pool if these fees are not current. We do not prorate monthly dues for any reason.  Monthly dues are required of all swimmers; monthly dues will not be prorated based upon attendance.  If your swimmer swims one day in any given month you are responsible for dues for that month.  If a new swimmer registers on or after the 15th of the month, the monthly dues for that month only will be ½ of standard fees.   You will be charged a full month’s fees at the time of registration and the ½ month credit will be applied towards future fees.


Monthly Dues for Mini-Tritons, Bronze and High School Prep are based on a 12 month billing cycle.  Monthly Dues for all other groups are based on a 10 month billing cycle (September-June).  (If you are inactive for 2 months or longer and you return during the season (Sept-Aug), you will be billed dues in July & August). **Sibling discounts begin the second month of swimming.

Groups 1st Swimmer 2nd Swimmer 3rd Swimmer 4th Swimmer
Mini-Triton $95 $85 $70 FREE
Bronze $90 $80 $65 FREE
Silver 10 & Under $110 $96 $78 FREE
Silver 11 & Over $110 $96 $78 FREE
Gold $165 $144 $126 FREE
JO $175 $150 $132 FREE
HS Prep $150 $140 $125 FREE
Senor I $175 $156 $138 FREE
Senior II $210 $186 $168 FREE
Sectional $270 $258 $240 FREE
National $300 $288 $270 FREE
Team Registration (1) $100 $0 $0 $0
Annual Swimmer Fee* $40 $40 $40 $40
SCS Annual Fee $64 $64 $64 $64














        *Annual Swimmer Fee is pro-rated to half for the swimmers registering between March 1-July 1.

USA Swimming (SCS) Annual Registration Fee .  This covers a January through December calendar year and is paid annually. (This fee is not prorated and is governed by USA/SCS Swimming). For returning swimmers, the registration for the following year will be billed with your Annual August registration.   New swimmers must submit form and fee directly to SCS within 10 days of their first day of swimming. Any swimmer not registered within 10 days may be denied training with San Clemente Aquatics unless he/she is current with SCS registration. Monthly fees are not prorated for time missed because of non-registration issues.  **If you register on or after September 1st, your registration will be good until December of the following year.

You can view your account balance 24/7 through our website at  Once you have signed in, if you click on "my invoices/payments" you can view what charges have been made and the amount that will be charged to your credit card.

revised August 2017