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SCS Registration

All new and/or first time swimmers must have a registration on file with Southern California Swimming in Santa Barbara within 10 days of starting practice with the team.  To complete this registration, parents will be asked to complete a SCS registration form at the try-out or the first day of practice.  The parents will show the completed form and an original copy of the swimmers birth certificate or passport to the coach or Parent Registration Volunteer.  The coach or parent registration volunteer will need to verify that the name and date of birth match.  They will initial the SCS form in the top right hand corner indicating that they have verified the name and date of birth. This is a mandatory registration for all swimmers.  Parents must give SCS form and check to coach.  The SCS fee for 2017 is $64 (make checks payable to SCS).


Returning Swimmers:  If your swimmer was previously registered with SCS and they are returning to swimming after being inactive for a period of time, your swimmer must have a registration on file in Santa Barbara on their first day back in the water.  Therefore, prior to your swimmer returning, parents must go by the pool deck and pick up a SCS form.  Returning swimmers do not need to have their name and date of birth verified.  (There is no "grace period" for returning swimmers.)  

If your swimmer is coming from another team and they are currently registered with SCS, you will need to complete a transfer form and submit to SCS with the appropriate fee within 30 days of registering with our team.

Renewals:  Each year during the Fall Registration, currently active swimmers will be billed for SCS registration for the upcoming year.  The renewals will be sent to SCS electronically.

What is SCS Registration and What does it cover?