Level 2

Level 2 Swimmers

Ages 2 to 18 (Groups will be split by similar ages)

Cost: $65 for 8 X 30-minute sessions

This class is in 2 week sessions with 4 classes per week, Mon to Thurs.

This is a skill sheet to let you know the areas your swimmer is advancing and or needs help. We give this skill sheet at the end of each 2 week session and it goes to the swimmers that passed their level and the swimmers that did not. We do this so you can see where they excel and you can further talk with them on the skills that challenge them to help them advance in the sport of swim. Your instructor will check off the skills acquired and leave the ones not acquired blank. At the bottom of each skill sheet there is a notes section. Your instructor may or may not write advanced notes on the swimmer and their accomplishments.  

To pass Level 2 all skills below needs to be achieved

  • ____Intro to bobbing on the ground and holding breathe and breathing out
  • ____Kick on stomach with a board assisted and without a board assisted
  • ____Kick on back assisted with head on shoulder get them comfortable kicking on their back
  • ____Intro to object retrieval shallow
  • ____Kicking with head down on wall
  • ____Shallow jumps assisted guide them back to the wall and have them try and get out without using the stairs.
  • ____Communication and understanding with the swim instructor
  • ____Ready position