Shooting STAR

Shooting STAR's Criteria:

Age Standard: 
5 and Up
Time Standard Requirement:

Training Time per Week:
4-5 sessions/1hour 

1,000-2,000 yds

Yearly Training:
51 weeks

Training Objectives:
  • Stroke Technique - All strokes
  • Racing skills, starts, turns, moderate pacing
  • Aerobic endurance
  • Sculling drills
  • Speed and acceleration at 25-100 yds
  • Greater mix of training methods (aerobic training)
  • Flexibility
  • General body strength
  • Movement coordination
Motor Learning Objectives:
  • Improve stroke technique and learn race skills (i.e. using the clock, pacing, accelerating, and finishing strong)
  • Consolidate stroke development
  • Improve conditioning components of endurance and speed while maintaining stroke technique
  • Develop simple race strategy and tactics
Knowledge and Attitudes:
  • Enjoyment of pool practice
  • Become part of the club and team culture
  • Begin to function with less direct supervision
  • Make positive decisions regarding training, i.e. eating habits, attendance etc.
  • Maintain a daily notebook/log
Competition Objectives:
  • Club Age Group meets 
  • Skill development and improvement
  • Increase the number of events to swim at meets
  • Increase length of events to swim at meets

Required Equipment and Apparel:

  • STAR Cap - Required at all meets
  • STAR Speedo Team Suit - only wear to meets
  • Fins
  • Kickboard
  • Pull Buoy
  • goggles