Senior STAR

Senior STAR's Criteria:

Age Standard:


14 and Up/and or Coaches discretion
Time Standard Requirement:
Swimmer must have attained three BLUE times in 3 different strokes for 13-14 age group

Training Time per Week:
Pool Time: 6 sessions / 2 hours each (must be committed to 5 days a week)
Dry-land: 2-3 days / 30-60 minutes each when available.

5,000-10,000 yards

Yearly Training:
50-52 weeks


Training Objectives:
  • Concentrated training around 500 Free and 400 IM
  • Increased volume and intensity training
  • Begin to specialize
  • Perfect technique and skills
  • Strength and flexibility program (dry-land exercises)
  • Transfer power into swimming performance
  • Cross training activities (water-polo)
  • Maintain attendance goals
Motor Learning Objectives:
  • Refine stroke technique during all speeds and intensity of swimming
  • Adapt to diverse training methods
  • Apply strength and power to swimming performance
  • Specialize in strokes and competition distances
  • Retain range of motion and muscular coordination at all swimming speeds
  • Refine race skills, starts, turns, tactics, and pace etc.
  • Learn to taper for peak performance
Knowledge and Attitudes:
  • Enjoyment of the process (goal setting) and product (attainment of goals) of swimming
  • Understanding and practicing performance management skills such as nutrition, warm-up and cool-down strategies, mental skills etc.
  • Become independent: take on responsibility of working with the coaches and taking responsibility for self
  • Improve personal skills including education and vocational objectives
  • Maintain a daily training log/goal sheets
Competition Objectives:
  • Attend Club Age Group meets and ALL scheduled Senior team meets 
  • Attain sectional and National times
  • Selection of events begins to focus on stroke and distance
  • Race skills and mental skills are perfected


Required Equipment and Apparel:

  • STAR Cap - Required at all meets
  • STAR Speedo Team Suit - wear only to meets
  • STAR Speedo Warm-up
  • front end snorkel
  • Fins
  • 1 Hand Paddles 
  • Pull Buoy
  • Kickboard
  • Drag Sox