Rising STAR
Rising STAR's Criteria:
Age Standard:
7 and Up
Time Standard Requirement:

Legal in 3 strokes.

Training Time per Week:
Pool Time: 4-5 sessions/ 1hour 15 min.


2,000-3,000 yards
Yearly Training:
51 weeks -

Training Objectives:
  • Stroke Technique - All strokes
  • Increased Volume
  • Racing skills
  • Speed and acceleration at 50-500 yards //based on 200 IM training
  • Interval training
  • Flexibility (dry-land exercises)
  • General body strength (dry-land exercises)
  • Movement coordination (dry-land exercises)
Motor Learning Objectives:
  • Maintain stroke technique as body proportions change
  • Accommodate increases in muscle strength to improve swimming efficiency through dry-land exercises
  • Attain diversity of performance goals (compete in various stroke events and distances)
  • Improve both steady pace and sprint performance using ‘ideal stroke technique’ in all strokes
Knowledge and Attitudes:
  • Enjoyment of pool practice and desire for personal improvement
  • Broader knowledge of training methods and the resulting performance outcomes
  • Improved personal management skills (balancing training, school, and social objectives)
  • Develop self-discipline and increasing commitment to swimming
Competition Objectives:
  • Compete in Eastern Section Committee Age Group meets, and Southern California Junior Olympic meets 
  • View each race as an opportunity as a learning experience
  • Increase the number of events to swim at meets from SHOOTING STAR Group
  • Increase length of events to swim at meets from SHOOTING STAR Group
  • Performance goals should be evaluated regularly, as they apply to both training and competition
Required Equipment and Apparel:
  • STAR Cap - Required at all meets
  • STAR Speedo Team Suit - wear only to meets
  • STAR Speedo Warm-ups
  • Fins 
  • Kickboard
  •   Nose Clip -highly suggested