General Guidelines

Y-Spartaquatics Swim Club
General Guidelines
For All Year Round Training Groups



                Every group’s Coach has an expectation on the number of practices a swimmer should be attending. This number of practices is the minimum the coaching staff believes is necessary for development and progression in the sport of swimming. If your child is interested in attending more than the suggested amount please speak with your coach. If a swimmer over a one month period is not meeting the coaching staff’s minimum attendance expectations for their current practice group that swimmer will be given one more month to meet to the guidelines for their group. If at the end of the second month the swimmer is still not meeting their group’s attendance expectations the coach will move that child to a group (if room permits a move to that group) that fits their appropriate commitment level.


Practice Guidelines:

                For each training group at YSSC the coaching staff has established basic practice expectations for a swimmer’s placement in YSSC’s practice groups. Three practice skills sets are addressed: Individual Medley Training (IM), Freestyle Interval Training; and Kicking Interval Training. The YSSC coaching staff believes that these practice guidelines will foster a challenging and fun learning environment for each training group.



                These ages are the high and low in each group as of the 2011-2012 Season. By no means are these the set ages for each group.


Swim Meet Participation:

                YSSC is a year round competitive swim team and all swimmers placed into any of the age group levels are strongly encouraged to compete in every swim meet possible. The emphasis of swim meet participation increases with the levels of the groups. Swim Meet participation throughout both seasons (short and long course) is required. Under each training group is a minimum amount of meets the coaching staff in requiring that particular group’s swimmers to attend. YSSC attends 7 to 10 meets from September to April (Short Course Season) and 5 to 7 meets from May to July (Long Course Season).


Group Moves:

                These are the top 5 areas the YSSC coaching staff uses to assess group moves.

1.       Training Ability

2.       Commitment Level

3.       Swim Meet Participation

4.       Group Availability

5.       Competitive Level