What is Swim Squad?

What is Swim Squad?

Swim Squad is introductory competitive swimming. It's fun. It's local. It's seasonal. It's ZAP!

WHO: Swimmers ages 7-14* who like to learn, be part of a group, and have fun in the pool!

WHAT: Kids learn all 4 competitive strokes, as well as the starts, turns, and finishes that go with each one.

WHERE: Squads are available at Miraleste Intermediate School, Peninsula High School, and South End Racquet Club. Mini meets are held at Miraleste Intermediate and last approximately 2.5 hours.

WHEN: You choose the squad with the best time and location for your schedule! See our Squad options on the main Swim Squad page. Each fall squad has two 60-minute practices per week, and several mini meets/starts clinics during the season. All mini-meets/clinics are at Miraleste.

WHY: Because swimming is the greatest sport ever! Why not get your feet wet and try it out?!

*Swimmers ages 5 and 6 are eligible for our Stroke Academy 1 program. This group practices 2x week for 35 min. Swimmers do participate in the mini meets/clinics.