JG Prep - February

JG Prep Fall 2019

Please look at the Jr Guard test dates and locations found at the bottom of the page. JG Prep classes are set up differently over the Winter months. This program is combined with Swim Squad. You'll want Free only classes (this equates to JG Prep). Registration will open on Sunday, September 1.  Registration is done by the day of the week. It is suggested that swimmers sign up for two classes per session.

Schedule is below. The Fall session will run from September 16 - November 8

Tuesday 5-6 pm Miraleste $160
Wednesday 5-6 pm Miraleste $160
Monday 4-5 pm South End $160
Tuesday 6-7 pm* Pen High $120



South End members will receive a $7.50 discount for South End classes only.

*There is no class on Tue, Sept 24 or Tue, Oct 1

Class Prerequisite:

Swimmers must be able separate from parent, swim 4 lengths of the pool (100 yards), and 50 yards of Freestyle under 1:30, unassisted and without stopping on the first day of class.

To Register for Jr. Guard Prep

@ Miraleste, Pen High or South Endclick here.


About Jr. Lifeguard Prep

Jr. Lifeguards is a program offered through the LA County Lifeguards and BeachSports; ZAP is not affiliated with either of these organizations but we offer conditioning classes to help non-club swimmers prepare to take the test required by both LA Co and Beach Sports.

JG Prep is for kids ages 9 and up who already know how to swim but who will benefit from extra conditioning and stroke refinement prior to taking the swim test. Swimmers are expected to be able to swim 4 lengths of the pool freestyle (aka front crawl) without assistance on the first day. JG Prep is NOT Learn-To Swim. If your swimmer needs additional help with basic skills such as proper kicking or breathing to the side, we can arrange for some private instruction with a coach for an additional fee.

NOTE: It is important to be on time to class. Part of the curriculum is building endurance and the swimmers need to be in the water for 60 minutes to maximize their conditioning. There are no make-ups or refunds.


Parents, siblings, etc. may observe for the final 30 minutes of class from designated areas at each location (see below)Please allow swimmers to walk in and get started independently. Parents are not permitted to stand or kneel poolside or communicate with swimmers while they are in the water. If you have an urgent message to give your child please speak to the coach. If you need to speak directly to your swimmer, please speak to the coach and they will have your child get out of the pool. By enrolling your child(ren) in our program you are agreeing to this policy.


SOUTH END: Lounge chairs along the clubhouse side of the pool and the area between the two pools; please do not use the overflow seating along lane 1 as the coach(es) need a clear walkway. You may also feel free to sit around the small pool.

MIRALESTE: The bleachers along the brick wall/lane 1 only. Please keep all other areas of the deck clear, including the small bleachers by the boiler room, as we utilize different parts of the deck, at different times, for our Premier Team.

PENINSULA HS: The bleachers at the turn end of the pool, on the side by the girls’ locker room; please do not sit on the bottom row, as the coach(es) need a clear walkway.

The Test(s)
LA County requires swimmers to swim 100 yards freestyle in the following times:

  • 11 and under (C's): 1:50
  • 12-13 year olds (B's): 1:40
  • 14 and olders (A's):1:30

LA County 2019 Test Dates:


BeachSports Jr. Guards has the requirement of 100 yards swum in 1:50 or 2:30 and treading water continually (head up) for 5 minutes regardless of age.

Testing Locations
ZAP is an approved BeachSports testing site. Tests are conducted by appointment only, and are free to members enrolled in a ZAP preparation course.

For the LA County program, swimmers must pass the test at one of the LA County testing sites on one of the three scheduled days.

For information about LA County junior lifeguards