ZAPPIN' in the rain

When the weather turns soggy, we frequently get the question: Do you hold practice in the rain?

The answer is a resounding, YES!

While swimming, or swimming in the rain, may not be your cup of tea, it's important to let our swimmers to do it without the adults complaining. Here's why:

1) They will not melt!

2) They are wet any way.

3) When it rains at meets (and it will), they will know they can handle it.

4) Many of them like it.

5) It builds confidence and gives the kids a sense of pride. Seriously.

We encourage all swimmers to keep a plastic trash bag in their swim bag so that when it rains, they can put their dry bag in it and keep it dry. If it begins to pour (and it will) we allow them to put their things in the locker room but ask that a parent stay and watch the bags so things don't walk off.

In case of lightening: When the sky lights up, we don't swim. If it starts during practice, we get the kids out and keep them together in the GIRLS' locker room (this is true at both MIS and PEN). We must stay out for 30 min after EACH lightening strike (no matter how far away), so if it's constant, please come to pick up your child(ren), as we won't be getting back in. If it's lightening all day, we will most likely cancel practice. If we cancel practice we will send an email and post it on the ZAP website under "MEETS" (double-click on the "meets" tab).

Hope this helps, and hope to see you at practice!!