Payment Policy


New swimmers pay an initial non-refundable registration fee of $225 per swimmer upon joining the team which includes mandatory USA/SCS Swimming registration. Returning swimmers pay a renewal fee of $175/swimmer. These fees are separate from dues.



Dues cover a multitude of costs necessary for maintaining a quality USA Swimming club, including but not limited to: pool rental, pool equipment, team administration and equipment, coaches' salaries, continuing education, travel expenses, and team motivational materials. Families are encouraged to pay dues via credit card by creating a member profile and keeping the information updated. While many other similar swim clubs hold mandatory seasonal fundraisers and require family financial commitments, ZAP DOES NOT. Families are required to help at meets, and will incur other individual costs for equipment/apparel, meet entry fees, pictures, etc., throughout the season.

Swimmers' membership dues are set by training group, NOT by the number of practices attended. We do not prorate, credit or refund missed practices. 


The team swims year-round, with a break between seasons in August and March. Breaks allow swimmers and coaches to rejuvenate their bodies and minds. Swimmers should stay active during these breaks by participating in other activities such as hiking, surfing, biking, etc. Healthy eating habits are also always important. These breaks also give the swimmers a chance to get a solid handle on their school work. Starting off and staying on the right track is essential for continued success both in the water and classroom throughout the year. Dues are still payable over the breaks.



Swimmers who elect to take a break longer than those that are part of the season plan, may keep current member status if the break is one months or less. Swimmers who elect to take a break longer than one month, forfeit their current membership status and will need to re-register as a new team member, space permitting, and pay initial registration fee, rather than a renewal fee.

Swimmers who are leaving or going on break and wish to suspend billing, must notify Jeff via email by the 20th of the month prior to the month they are leaving, to avoid incurring fees. (ex: if you want to suspend billing for March, we need to know by Feb. 20.) NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN.    



ZAP does offer partial swimming scholarships to swimmers whose families qualify according to ZAP guidelines. Please contact DeAnne Preyer (424) 901-3703 or via email at if you are in need. Families applying for partial scholarships will be asked to provide tax information and are expected to donate extra hours of time helping the team.