Spring 2020

Session  begins Feb 24!

During the Spring session, we are only offering private swim lessons. Call/text Jeff at (424)901-3702 to get those lessons set up.


Group lessons are broken down into 5 stations. Read below for a brief description on the skills and this information to determine which station to start your child/ren at this summer. 

Station 1 - Blowing Bubbles/Gliding: Swimmers learn submerging face, float on stomach and back and gliding on stomach and back and safety rules.

Station 2 - Kicking: Swimmers learn streamlining, kicking on stomach and back, beginner freestyle and surface diving to 4 feet.

Station 3 - Freestyle and Backstroke: Swimmers learn kicking and swimming both strokes for 25 yards. They will surface dive to 7 feet, will jump off the edge in deep water and begin treading water

Station 4 - Endurance: Swimmers will practice swimming 50 yards of both strokes and will begin learning breaststroke. Swimmers also practice harder treading water sets and will begin learning competitive diving.

Station 5 - Distance Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke: Swimmers will swim 75 yards of all 3 strokes and will learn proper dolphin kick and proper turns for all 3 strokes. Swimmers will also begin learning butterfly stroke.


The first two sessions are posted; remaining sessions will be posted soon. You must register for lessons at Miraleste two (2) days before class starts to be guaranteed a spot. 

MWF and MTF classes need a registration by Friday at 3 pm.

TTh need a registration by Friday at 3 pm. 

To register for lessons at Miraleste click here.

To add a class that isn't showing, please text Jeff at (424) 901-3702.

South End

Per South End policy, lesson registration for our classes at SE are done via hard copy registration form available at the club or online (see link below). Please complete the form and return with payment to the front desk. You can also use the link below to directly download a form:

If you have any questions about South End lessons, or would like to schedule private lessons, please email Jeff at [email protected]

To schedule private lessons, text Jeff at (424) 901-3702.