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What To Look For When You Select A Swim Team

What is our program philosophy?

The Zenith Aquatic Program (ZAP) teaches each child to push himself or herself to new limits, to define success and then, to attain it. Our means for teaching these life lessons is competitive swimming, but we know that the skills, values and training our swimmers receive transfer to all areas of life.

We seek athletes (and families who support them) who are honest and improvement minded, who want to be empowered to discover unforeseen potentials, and who want help pushing out of their comfort zones to be champions both in the pool and in life. At ZAP, we do this through the pursuit of personal and team excellence and through the spirit of cooperation among swimmers, parents, and coaches.

Does the program emphasize technique/stroke development at all levels of the program?

ZAPPERS are taught that proper stroke technique and racing skills, and applying them to everyday training, are the first and foremost determiner of swimming speed and injury prevention. ZAPPERS are taught through constructive feedback. We use the same techniques, drills, and skills used by Olympians and professional swimmers.

One of the hallmarks of ZAP is that families will often see our youngest and oldest athletes practicing the same skills and drills, and our coaches using the same language across all programs.

What type of training and experience do the coaches in the program have? What do they do to further their education and training?

ZAP coaches are professionals and understand the impact they have on their athletes’ lives. They are constantly searching out educational opportunities though the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) and USA Swimming (USAS) to keep current on the latest swimming techniques, and in the physical, emotional, and psychological development of children and young adults. Our coaches have experience in all aspects of swimming including learn-to-swim, pre-competitive, non-competitive, and competitive swimming at all levels from novice to elite, high school, collegiate and masters.

Does the program emphasize the long-term success and development of the athlete?

At ZAP we believe that a strong foundation in stroke mechanics and having fun with swimming are the two key components critical to long-term success in the sport. Our ability-and age-based program is structured to give appropriate training to ensure an athlete's success throughout his or her swimming career.

We do not believe in magic wands or magic cures for swimming fast…just hard work, determination, and perseverance. Our structure is based on principles and recommendations learned from ASCA and USAS, as well as some of the top programs in the US and around the world.

What type of learning/development/practice environment is provided for my child?

A proper environment for athlete development is critical to athlete success and improvement. ZAP coaches emphasize a high feedback environment where athletes receive guided and independent practice (rather than “garbage yardage”). Our low swimmer-to-coach and swimmer-to-lane ratios allow the athletes to learn effectively and take their swimming to their highest levels.

ZAP is very excited about the programs we offer our community. We are looking for athletes and families who are committed to our philosophy of being improvement-minded and consistently striving to take swimming to the next level.

If you and your swimmer are looking for a program led by professionally trained coaches, where your child will have the opportunity to practice and compete in a positive environment, ZAP is THE program for you!

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