How Can I Help?
Swimmer-centered, parent-supported, coach driven, TEAM-minded...

There are many different ways parents can get involved with competitive swimming. We encourage you to jump in, get your feet wet, and help continue our tradition of community and excellence here at ZAP. In addition to the basics such as ensuring your child is consuming healthy foods and drinks and getting enough rest, getting to practices and meets on time, and covering timing spots at meets, there are different leadership roles that parents plunge into to make our program the awesome community that it is:

-Planning and carrying out social events

-Annual banquet coordinator

-Practice deck parent


-Parent Education



-Become an official/referee

-Become a timing system operator

-Meet Director for ZAP hosted meets


**Have something else you want to add? Please speak with one of the coaches so we can get you involved!


"Taking Swimming to a Higher Level."