Swimmer-centered, parent-supported, coach-driven, team-minded...

Taking Swimming to a Higher Level happens when, and only when, the dedicated efforts of all the ZAP parents/families, the swimmers, and coaching team are on the same page. For the past 14 years, ZAP has attracted outstanding families who want the best for their kids and understand, believe in, and live the "it takes a village" concept, daily.

At ZAP, your child is swimming with a highly successful, growing, dynamic and progressive team. Much of that success is because the community we have built at ZAP has been developed through trust and collaboration between the coaches and parent volunteers. Parent trust, support, and positive involvement is vital to the success of our team. Fortunately we continue to bring in wonderful supporters of our kids, team and sport; YOU, the Z-FORCE, are truly a force to be reckoned with!

Thank you in advance for your trust, support and positive involvement. We appreciate all you do and know that ZAP would not exist without you. There are many options out there for you to get your family involved with so we appreciate your choice to be part of our family. There is swimming, and there is ZAP SWIMMING, and it is YOU the Z-FORCE, who make the difference.


"Taking Swimming to a Higher Level."