Getting DQ'd

Getting “DQ'd” doesn't mean you get to go to Dairy Queen!

To insure fairness in the competition, swim meets are governed by trained officials (many started out as parents, just like you). They are charged with the job of enforcing the rules laid out by US Swimming and FINA. Officials hate having to “DQ” a swimmer, but they understand that their efforts not only insure a fair “playing field” for everyone, but it actually helps our young athletes learn the sport, too. Every swimmer involved in the sport for any length of time has been “DQed”, even at the national and international (Olympic) levels. It is important that parents respect the training and knowledge of the officials and support swimmers by encouraging them to talk to their coaches and work hard in the week following an event where they were “DQ'd”. By taking this approach, you are teaching your swimmer that meets and practices are learning experiences and more importantly, one they can overcome. Sometimes getting DQ'd is the one thing that helps the swimmer realize they are in fact needing to concentrate more in practice or that the coach is telling them things because they matter. Reinforce to your swimmers that getting DQ'd is part of the learning process; everyone gets “DQ'd” sometimes. With effort, being coachable, and attending practices consistently, they WILL get better!

DQ = 'Don’t Quit'!