What To Expect
Swimmer-centered, parent-supported, coach driven, team-minded...

The ZAP Premier Team provides an opportunity for swimmers to become part of an exciting competitive sport, a highly competitive team, and to be better people as a result. We know this is only accomplished when there is a high level of mutual trust and respect between the coaches, swimmers and parents. Membership a privilege, not a right. To ensure that we uphold the culture of excellence we have developed, we request your complete cooperation and understanding of the basic policies of our club:

  1. Communication
    Our job is to help you help your child to be the best "athlete" possible, and a big part of this is developing a working relationship with his/her coach. In order to do this, we must be able to communicate with your child, and we expect that they will communicate with us. We realize this can be intimidating for some, especially younger children, but the earlier they learn and understand that we are here to help them, the better at communicating they become.

  2. Training Fees
    Training fees vary by training group and are paid in 9 payments (September-May), no fees are collected June or July. You receive an invoice in your account on the 25th of every month for the upcoming month. Accounts are billed the first of each month. A $25.00 late fee is assessed on the 10th for fees paid after the first.

  3. Annual Registration Fee
    All swimmers are responsible for the annual registration fee upon enrollment and every year thereafter upon renewal. The annual registration fee for continuing members is payable by September 15th.
    New members pay $235/swimmer and returning swimmers pay $185/swimmer.

  4. USA Swimming Registration
    All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming. This annual $60 registration fee is included in your registration fee and is due on new membership and upon renewal.

  5. Support and Encouragement
    The parents' job is to support their swimmer(s) and the team. Support is given to swimmers by transporting them to workouts, meets and team functions on time, ensuring they are eating and drinking healthy foods/drinks, getting rest and feeding their minds with positive thoughts. Supporting the team is done by taking an active part, staying positive (even if your swimmer has a lousy race) and thinking "big picture". "Swimming talk" is kept between the swimmer and coach.

  6. Team Pride
    Being a ZAPPER is something to be proud of. ALWAYS. Our mindset is that of a warrior in the water, and compassionate when dry. All members, rookies to veterans, have an important place within our program and everyone is held accountable for their part. At meets, we wear the team uniform and ZAP colors at all times. We sit together, cheer for each other, and race with poise and confidence.

  7. Provide Supervision
    Children who are not swimming must be under adult supervision at all times during swim meets and designated practices open for observation. ZAP is not an "after school program" - when your child’s practice is done, they need to either be picked up or they can wait in the pool area until the last practice session is finished. Coaches cannot act as supervisors or babysitters once a swimmers practice session has ended. 

  8. Pool Preparation
    Swimmers are responsible for pool preparation and clean up, this includes lane lines, pace clocks, and flags. Swimmers are also responsible for bringing and taking home their own individual equipment bags.

  9. Self-Discipline
    Behavior problems are really not an issue at ZAP, as we hold our swimmers to a high standard. Being on time is important and expected. Keeping a positive attitude, arriving to practice prepared, and communication between coach and swimmer are also important aspects to being part of this team. Excessive tardiness, negativity, being unprepared and communication barriers have no place at ZAP.

  10. Courtesy for the Coaches
    Please leave the coaching to the coaches. If you have a question, we are available via email or phone, or before or after practice sessions; We expect to keep the practice sessions and meets swimmer-focused.

  11. Timer Duty at Meets
    When attending any USA Swimming sanctioned meet, parents are required to fulfill the team’s timing responsibility for that meet. ZAP is assigned a specific number of chairs at each meet. Timing slots are pre-assigned by the ZAP Timing Coordinator, based on when your swimmer is swimming, and e-mailed to families prior to the meet. All parents must help fulfill the club’s timing requirement or the team. Missed timing spots are assessed a $50.00 fine per spot missed.

  12. Assist at ZAP-hosted Swim Meets
    Hosting meets is the responsibility of the individual teams. ZAP typically hosts 1-3 BRW or RW meets per year. During these meets, each family is responsible for working eight hours at each ZAP hosted swim meet, even if their swimmer is not swimming. There are a myriad of different jobs, other than timing, needed to be filled when hosting a meet. You will be notified via email when signups are open. If you have signed up for a job other than timing (ie hospitality or marshal), you will not have to time in addition to that job. Families unable to fulfill their obligation are assessed $50.00 for every hour not worked.
  13. Volunteer at different social events throughout the year
    ZAP has a variety of different social events throughout the year. Parent help is always needed. If you have something you want to help with, please let us know! You can contact Doris Yamamoto (310-922-4525).

Failure to comply with any of the following guidelines may result in termination from the team.