Important Information

Practice begins September 27th for the 2021-2022 Short Course Season.  Swimmers may join the team until October 29th, however it is appreciated if you declare their intent to swim ASAP. 

  • All new and returning families need to be familiar with the information on our website, – especially the Safesport tab and team handbook under documents.

  • All swimmers must be registered with registration paperwork and waiver forms signed prior to starting practice. We will NOT allow swimmers to start practice without these completed, regardless if they are returning swimmers. 

  • Black Hills Gold Swimming expects a level of commitment and active participation of all parents.  There are many areas where volunteers are needed. Every family is required to volunteer at our home meets.

  • Parents must attend one Mandatory Parent Meeting either October 13th at 5:15 PM OR October 19th at 6 PM.

  • Parents are encouraged to set up an individual meeting between coaches, parents and swimmers during the first month of practice to discuss expectations and set goals.‚Äč

  • Communication from the team comes primarily through email and WhatsApp.  It is up to each family to make sure they are on the teams WhatsApp group, to supply an email address, and to like the Facebook page if they are to receive notifications of activities.

  • Per USA swimming insurance and club policy anyone that is not a certified coach is not allowed to be work with the swimmers.  Parents and other spectators are welcomed to observe practice from the balcony or outside the glass doors.

  • Each returning swimmer is responsible for a mandatory club fee of $200. (This is in addition to practice dues.) The fee is $100 for new swimmers.  The family maximum is $400. The team has several fundraising options available that does not require door to door sales. If you would rather opt out of fundraising, you may pay an additional fee to the team.

  • During practice times swimmers are under the supervision of coaches in the pool and on the pool deck only.  The locker rooms are not supervised unless the coaches are notified of a problem.  Coaches have no way of knowing which swimmers are dropped off for practice on a given day and therefore cannot alert parents to their absence. Coaches are not responsible for athlete’s attendance.  Attendance is taken daily and can be accessed on the website.  Coaches do not always remain in the pool area or Young Center until all swimmers are picked up.  Swimmers should be picked up as soon as their practice is over. 

  • Please check the websites calendar the last week of each month for the followings months final schedule, as changes may occur as the season progresses.

  • All fees due to Black Hills Gold Swimming are due in a timely manner.  If paying monthly, fees are due the first of the month.  All meets registered for must be paid for at the time of registration.  If any fees are outstanding past 30 days swimmers will not be allowed to practice or sign up for meets.


8/31/2020 Additional information:

Summary of Swim Team Covid plan:

1- Swimmers will enter and exit the Young Center from the glass doors at the top of the stairs by the pool entrance. They must enter the pool from the office side doors. We do not want swimmers hanging around the hallways, vending machines, etc.  of the Young Center before and after practice.   

2 - Locker room restrictions are in place. There will be no physical locker use in the locker room. Swimming gear will not be stored at the pool. Showers will be restricted, unless approved by one of the coaches. Plan for your child to shower at home.

3-Our equipment storage bin will be stored on the deck and locked after practices. We will plan to disinfect pool equipment (kickboards, fins, pull buoys) with the spray that is provided by the Young Center after each practice.

4-If a child shares with the coaches they don't feel well or are sick, they will need to immediately exit the pool, parent notified and be picked up asap. 

5-If there is a positive COVID case: We will communicate with parents what "group" there is a positive case, but cannot release names due to the privacy act. 

6- Some practice groups, especially the Golden Nuggets, often have free time at the end of practice. If parents do not want their swimmers participating in free time please notify their coach. 

7 – There should be no food on the pool deck.  All swimmers need to have their own water bottle for practice.  Swimmers NEED water during practice but there can be no sharing of bottles.