Entering a meet FAQ

Guidelines for Entering Meets 

USA Swimming Sanctioned Events

Pacific swim uses electronic web based entry system. You must login with your password through our website
Her are the steps to enter.

1) Click on the Signup Record pull-down and select Yes   
2) Once yes is selected, you will see the events your child MAY be eligible to swim   
3) You will also see the best times inserted into the Entry Time field and highlighted in yellow   
4) Check the Checkbox to the left of the name for those events you would like to swim   
5) Please take careful notice of the time standards that must be met in the right-side columns   
Once you have finished, click on the Submit Button in the lower right   
Repeat the process for additional swimmers. You will notice that Coach Approval column will indicate Pending after  you submit.
Please pay careful attention to:
     -   Maximum Event Entry Limitations IF PRESENT. Click on the >>View if present.
     -   Add any notes that you want the Coach or Administrator to see
Your team administrator will review your declaration and APPROVE or REJECT your request and once they submit the final choices you will be able to review by signing in and clicking on the Attend This Event button for any events listed on our team website. Look at the Coach Approval column for the events that you have been confirmed to swim.
We process the entries and mail them in on Wednesday night. If you have a late entry, contact the meet host, and be prepared to pay double. A few meet hosts will allow you to mail your meet card directly to them, but please do this only as a last resort, and let Di or Gary know you’ve mailed your entry. We must have an accurate head count before the meet so we know how many officials to send. (If we are short on officials we get fined $75 per session).
Maximum Number of Events

The maximum number of events you can swim at a meet is 5 per day, unless it says otherwise on the meet sheet. If nothing is specified, you can assume 5. For prelims/finals types of meets (like JOs), the maximum is 3 per day. You can ENTER as many events as you want if you are willing to pay for all of them. However, you will be required to “scratch down” to the proper number of events at check-in, and there are no refunds for events you scratch. Most meets have time standards that might limit the number of events you swim. For example, at a C meet you cannot swim any event that you already have an official B time in. At an A/B meet, you need to have B times to enter those events. There are certain meets where we relax the rules a bit; our own P.S.-hosted meets are an example. Your coach will advise you as to which meets you can enter. 
Costs of Meet Entries
Each meet entry has a surcharge, a per event fee and a $9 PS processing fee. The meet surcharge/per event fee is determined by the host team and can be found on the meet sheet at There is a maximum number of events per meet.  If you sign up for more than the maximum you will be charged for what you sign up for.  If your swimmer does not participate for any reason and the meet has been processed, we will not be able to refund you.  

Time Verification Meets

Most championship meets like Junior Olympics (JOs) or out-of-town invitationals require time verification. You might be asked to provide the date, name and/or location of the swim meet where you earned an official time. Also, the times need to have been achieved during a certain time period (this varies) so please don’t use a time that is too old. You can only enter events you qualify for, unless specified on the meet sheet. If you DQ at the meet or don’t attain the minimum qualifying time, and cannot prove your entered time, you might have to pay a fine or forfeit events. (The fine at our JOs is $100 per event.) 

Away Meets

Swim meets in other areas (not San Diego-Imperial) usually require you to fill out their meet entry card which will look different than our cards. Sometimes you will mail your own card to the swim meet host for these meets, but more and more we are required to put them on disk. So please read the newsletter for instructions, and ask if you’re not sure! For away meets where we send an electronic entry, we must pay with one team check, so your check to cover meet fees would be payable to “Pacific Swim.”

Website for Official Times

We keep track of your swimmer’s official times for all sanctioned meets using an online database that you can easily access. To check times, go to You can also look up times on the USA Swimming website: Novice results will not be on either of these websites, but we do keep a database for novice results, and you may request a printout of your swimmer’s times.