Competitive Swim Groups

Entry Level Competitive - Bronze Group (12 and Older) and (All Polo Swimmers)

This group is composed of swimmers ages 9-17 who are new to competitive swimming, have been away for a period of time, or are water polo players who swim to stay in shape for polo. In this group, the coaches stress the fundamentals of swimming: correct stroke technique, starts, turns, reading the clock, and endurance. While the atmosphere is relaxed, the stroke skills will develop and so will the enthusiasm for the sport. The coaches will spark the swimmers interest in swimming at meets. These swimmers swim for fun, fitness, and competition. There are no performance requirements for this group.



Age Group Competitive -Red Group- (12 and Under) 

Beginning Competitive Swimmers with emphasis in  goal setting, time management, intervals, and reading the pace clock. We focus on the rules of each of the strokes and emphasize practicing the strokes correctly in practice. Diving and flip turns are also covered. 

1. Competent and legal in all 4 strokes with knowledge of turns and streamlines
2. Must be USA Registered and plan to compete in at least 4 meets per season including JO's and/or JO Maxx
3. Must attend a minimum of 3 practices per week
4. Must be able to complete 6x100's freestyle on the 2:00 interval


Age Group Competitive - Blue Group- (13 & Under)

This group is designed for all 12 & Under A/B swimmers who have experience in competitive swimming. The Blue Group is for the very competitive and highly skilled swimmers who hold at least one Junior Olympic time. These swimmers should swim 4-6 two hour practices per week.  This group aspires to Qualify and Win at races at Junior Olympics, Far Westerns and Western Zones.  This group is made up of mostly Junior Olympic younger swimmers with A-AAAA times.  At this level swimmers continue to work on stroke mechanics but with an emphasis on learning how to train at a high level in order to achieve their full potential. 

Blue Group Criteria for Participation:

8/9 year old girls-10&Under BB times and a smile.
10 year old girls-J.O times and can make 8 100s freestyle on the 130.
8/9 year old boys-10&Under BB times.
10/year old boys-J.O times and can make 8 100s freestyle on the 130.
11year old girls-BB times and can make 8 100’s freestyle on the 125.
11year old boys-BB times and can make 8 100’s freestyle on the 125.
12 year old girls-A times and can make 8 100’s on the 125.
12 year old boys-A times and make 8 100’s on the 125.


Silver Group 2 (13 and Over)

Pacific Swimmers Silver Group is comprised mainly of high-school age swimmers striving to achieve Junior Olympic times and higher. There are eighth-grade students in the group who have made the commitment to swimming 5 times per week in order to maintain the high level they’ve already achieved. Silver Group offers 6 workouts weekly, with a total of 11 hours dedicated to water workouts and 3 hours dedicated to dryland workouts. Swimmers are required to attend a minimum of 4 days of workouts. Swimmers in this group are expected to take responsibility for proper training habits. They are also expected to have the dedication and self motivation to handle an increased aerobic workload. At all times, they are challenged to maintain excellent strokes, starts and turns. The group will work continually on stroke mechanics, however the emphasis changes from stroke education to improving stroke efficiency during long swims and competition.

Silver Group Criteria for participation:

Any swimmer wanting to swim with the Silver Group must meet all of the following criteria:

1.    Swim 8 x 100 free on 1:30.
2.    Attend a minimum of 4 workouts per week.
3.    Have an ability to execute all legal turns and strokes.
4.    Be able to read the clock and understand and calculate intervals.
5.    Coaches Recommendation, either from previous group or after 1 trial practice.


Senior Gold (13 and Over)

This group is only for athletes with the highest level of dedication and commitment to swimming. Swimmers are challenged with 2-3 hour sessions, morning workouts, dryland sessions, and a competitive meet schedule with the goal of achieving their maximum potential in the sport. Swimmers have or are working towards regional meets such as Zones, Sectionals, and Far Westerns and are looking forward to National and International competitions such as Junior and Senior Nationals, US Open and Olympic Trials. Most swimmers in this group will go on to further their career in college and many will look to receive scholarships. Before a swimmer is selected for this elite group they should be ready to commit to the physical, mental, and time demands as well as have a proven competitive track record. While the demands of this group seem difficult the rewards can be well worth the efforts.

Gold Group Criteria for Participation:

Time Standards
1)    Any 4 of the following cuts. Yards cuts are based on Senior Classic with some being slightly faster
Girls                               Boys       

50 Free – 27.49              50 Free – 24.39   
100 Free – 58.99            100 Free – 52.79   
200 Free – 2:05.99         200 Free – 1:55.69   
500 Free – 5:36.99         500 Free – 5:11.59   
1000 Free – 11:39.99     1000 Free – 10:55.89   
1650 Free – 19:19.99     1650 Free – 18:29.99   
100 Back – 1:07.99        100 Back – 1:02.99   
200 Back – 2:24.99        200 Back – 2:16.99   
100 Breast – 1:17.99      100 Breast – 1:09.99   
200 Breast – 2:44.99      200 Breast – 2:32.99   
100 Fly – 1:06.99           100 Fly – 1:01.79   
200 Fly – 2:23.99           200 Fly – 2:15.99   
200 IM – 2:23.99            200 IM – 2:11.99   
400 IM – 4:59.99            400 IM – 4:39.99   

2)    2 Higher Level Senior Cuts – Zone, Winter Invite, Sectionals
Freestyle Training Pace

Girls - 8x100 @ 1:15
Boys – 8x100 @ 1:10
Special consideration for athletes with high specialization in other strokes such as athletes with high level cuts in stroke non-free.

Maintain 90% Seasonal Practice Attendance – 6 Practices a week
 (if coach doesn’t keep regular attendance records, any athlete that is in a position to move up must make 100% practice attendance for 1 month)

Training Ethic
Athletes must demonstrate to their coach that they can…
1)    Complete workouts regularly without skipping yardage, sitting on the wall, make intervals from start to finish etc…
2)    Follow the clock intervals and lead a lane successfully from start to finish if asked.
3)    Not cheat during sets such as 1 arm fly, 1 hand touches, turning on stomach in back etc…
4)    Show a desire to work harder than the set requires. Push beyond the requirements of making the set.

Athletes must compete in the majority of their groups regularly scheduled meets including full participation in all championship meets.

Maintaining in Gold Group
1)    90% Practice Attendance – Seasonal Cumulative
Includes all 5 afternoon practices and Saturday for all athletes and 1 morning per week for 14 and under and 2 mornings a week for 15 and older.  Certain exceptions will apply for school and commuting limitations.
2)    Attendance in majority of group scheduled meets as well as full participation in all championship or focus meets.  This includes availability for all relays if necessary for teammates or team scoring standings.
3)    Maintenance of time standards above to ensure qualification for focus meets.
4)    Maintenance of training standard above to ensure lane space availability.