New Swimmer Info

New Swimmer Information 

Any questions, email Head Coach, Kevin Raab

(For money/billing related questions, you can contact the treasurer


All new swimmers must first be evaluated by one of our coaches. At this evaluation, your swimmer will be placed into the appropriate swim group. New swimmers include anyone who has never been a member of BSC or has not swam for one year or more. 

At Evaluations: 

  1. Your swimmer will be placed into a swim group for your “2-week Trial Period”
  2. Return the BSC Temporary Contact & Liability Form before your first practice
  3. If you decide to join the team, all registration and account setup can be done online.

After evaluations: 

  1. During the Trial Period, and prior to Registration, you should read all of the BSC Policies on the Brookings Swim Club website (under forms). These include Terms and Conditions, Behavior Management, Bullying Policy, Electronic Communication Policy, Reporting of Misconduct, Codes of Conduct, Scholarship Information (if applicable), the Handbook and our SCRIP money-saving program. These are part of the online registration process and you will be asked to verify you have read and agree to club policies and procedures.
  2. Attend a New Family Parent Orientation by the Head Coach and Board Member(s) during the second week of evaluations.
  3. The practice schedules and meet schedules can be found online.

To Start the Online Registration: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click Start Registration on left side.
  3. Click Register Now at bottom.
  4. Check “I am a new user or”. If you are a retuning member, you will check “have an existing account”.
  5. Follow the prompts in filling out the forms and acknowledgements