Season Info & Fees

VAST participates in two individual swim seasons:  short course & long course.

The short course season is approximately 6 months in length, beginning in September and ending in March after the last approved meet. The short course season is indoors, competing in a 25-meter (SCM) or 25-yard (SCY) pool.

The long course season is shorter, typically beginning mid-April and ending with the State Swim Meet , usually the last weekend in July. The long course season is typically outdoors, although some indoor venues can accommodate the 50-meter (LCM) pool.

Athletes can elect to swim in either season or both. It is not mandatory to swim in both seasons, nor is it a requirement to compete at swim meets.



Short Course Season (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb)

  Paid in Full Paid by Month
White $300 $55
Red $330 $60
Black $370 $70
Masters* $120 $25
Family (3+) $740 $140







Long Course Season (May, Jun, Jul)

  Paid in Full Paid by Month
White $180 $65
Red $210 $75
Black $225 $80
Masters* $120 $45
Family (3+) $450 $160

*Master swimmers are included in the family rate.


Each Swimmer must maintain a membership to USA Swimming.  

White/Red/Black - Memberships are for the calendar year & there are 2 options: (1) Flex - $15 per year, limited to 2 regular season meets per year (no championship meets) or (2) Year Round - $69 per year, unlimited meets. The flex membership can be upgraded to the year round membership at any time during the year if your swimmer wants to attend more meets. The registration fee is paid through VAST. New swimmers pay this fee with their initial registration & returning swimmers pay this fee with Nov. 1st billing cycle.

Masters - The registration fee is $60 for the calendar year & is paid through the U.S. Masters website.

***USA Swimming memberships processed on or after Sept. 1 are valid through Dec. 31 of the following year.


NOTE: The season fees and the USA Swimming fee do not cover the expenses to enter and participate in competitive swim meets. There are additional fees for each swim meet for individual events and relays.  These meet fees are the responsibilities of the parent/guardian. Meet fees are paid through VAST & are billed on the 1st of the next month.


A swimmer new to VAST may practice with the team for a two-week trial period without any obligations. Upon completion of the trial, the swimmer must register to continue to practice with the team.


If you are in need of financial assistance, please talk to a Board Member.