ACAC Sponsorship


ACAC Parents,

In an effort to continue to support our team and provide our swimmers with the best instruction and opportunities, we are promoting a business sponsorship program. As many are already aware, pool use expenses will increase in the near future, and it is our goal that we keep our fees and amount of time in the pool at their current levels. Subsequently, the team needs to seek additional sources of income. 

The best part of this program for you as a family is this:

40% of the amount of all company sponsorships you obtain for the team will be credited to your family account!

We ask you to think of businesses that might be willing to support the team with a donation of $250 (Neutron Sponsor), $500 (Proton Sponsor), or $1000 (Electron Sponsor). The sponsorship packet outlines for each level what exposure businesses will receive for their sponsorship. If there is a wish to donate more than $1000, the ACAC Board of Directors will work with the business to negotiate additional acknowledgement.

Here is the Sponsorship packet to download for potential sponsors.

We sincerely hope this program will help support the finances of the team and provide great exposure for many of our local businesses, as well as giving families an additional avenue to complete their family fundraising obligations.


ACAC Executive Board