Team Handbook







Seadogs Swim Club Certified Staff

Kristin Huffman   (Age Group, Seniors, Masters)

Courtney Page (Age Group, Seniors)

Jennifer Simioni     (Age Group Coach)                         



Janine Simioni  Owner/Director


Mailing Address:

Seadogs Swim Club

2823 N. Power Road Ste. 113 PMB 107

Mesa   Arizona   85215



Pool Location:

Skyline Aquatic Center         Red Mountain Country Club                        Power Ranch

845 S. Crismon Rd.               6425 E. Teton Circle                                   4444 Haven Crest Drive

Mesa  Az. 85208                   Mesa      Az.    85215                                  Gilbert     Az.   85297



Team Phone Numbers:

Office   480-807-3317

Team Website:


Table of Contents

Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Philosophy Statement, Team Goals…………….. 3

Monthly Payments, Yearly Fees, Membership Cancelations, Days off…………………… 4

Travel Expenses…………………………………………………………………………………….. 5

Sectional Championships, Punctuality, Workout and Attendance, Training Equip….…. 6

Swim Groups…………………………………………………………………………………………. 7

Swim Meet Entry Procedures, Swim Meet rules for the team……………………………….. 8

Team uniform policy, Competition Uniform, Facility use policy, Drop off Pick up….…… 9

Deck rules, Club communication, Parent cooperation and communication…………..... 10

Volunteering, Away meet volunteering………………………………………………………….. 11

Harassment Policy………………………………………………………………………………….. 12














Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide a diverse aquatic program centered on competitive swimming, proper swim technique and to have fun while emphasizing family first. Its dedication and pride revolves around the arena of swimming.


Vision Statement:


Seadogs Swim Club vision is to be safe in water and have fun in water! Wet, Water, Life



Philosophy Statement:


The philosophy of the Seadogs Swim Club is the respect for swimmers, parents, and coaching staff. WE encourage swimmers to develop respect for themselves and for their fellow swimmers and others.



Team Goals:


Our team goals are to make every swimmer and family member feel equal by meeting friends, being a friend, winning races, getting in shape, feeling of accomplishment, being known as a good swimmer, getting varied workouts, getting compliments and encouragement from teammates and coaches, trying to improve times, being on a team, being on a relay that comes together, and cheering for each other and coming together as a team.












At time of registration you will be asked to give your credit card information.  Our team accepts Visa, Master Card and Discover. This information will be saved by our system and billed for all monthly, yearly and meet fees on the first of every month. This is the only form of payment our club accepts at this time. If your credit card fails you will have until the 5th of the month to re submit payment.


All new and returning swimmers are responsible for yearly fees. The fee amount will be set each year and all swimmers and families will be notified of the charge one month prior to their account being charged. The fee will always be in the month of September for returning swimmers.  If the fee is not paid by December of the current year then the swimmer will not be allowed in the water until all fees are paid in full. All yearly fees, USA swim fees are non-refundable.


All accounts must give a 30 day written notice if you plan to cancel your membership with the Club. This can be by email to or in writing.

All High School swimmers accounts will be put on hold during High School Season if they make their High School Team. If your swimmer does not make the team but decides to not swim, you must give a 30 day notice.


If you swimmer swims at Skyline Aquatic Center you will be charged a per use fee on a quarterly basis. The fee is $100.00 per year for heat to MPS and $20.00 per year for per use to City of Mesa. Your account will be billed $30.00 in the months of March, June, Sept., Dec.

Seadogs DAYS OFF (age Group)

Seadogs follows the Mesa Public Schools calendar. If the school has the day off then the swim team has the day off unless the coach or director of Mesa calls for a practice. The following days are considered days off and you are liable to pay these fees to the team unless you take the month off. First week of school, Martin Luther King, Washington B-day, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the last week of December.

Age Group and Senior’s will take team 1 week team break at the end of Short Course season and Long Course seasons championships.




Our club travels to various meets that are outside the Phoenix metro area and most often out of state.

The number of athletes attending the trip divides the travel costs of each trip evenly. Before each travel meet an estimated cost of the travel expenses will be calculated and 50% of those costs will be billed to your Seadogs Swim Club account.

At the conclusion of the meet the actual expenses will be calculated and the remaining balance of your share of expenses will be billed to your account.

A breakdown of expenses can be requested at any time in the office.

The following is a list of expenses you should expect to pay for when traveling to out of state swim meets.

A.   One share of your hotel room expenses. This is per athlete.

B.    One share of rental van/car expenses, which will include fuel, costs.

C.    One share of the coach or coaches travels expenses. This will include flight and hotel per coach.

Purchase of airline tickets will be the responsibility of each family to book their own ticket after the team flight information has been released to all swimmers attending any out of state meets. The coaches attending or Seadogs Swim Club director must approve travel plans different from the team itinerary. All costs will be split equally among all traveling athletes regardless if you choose to arrive after the team’s arrival or leave before the team departure from the meet. Coaches and Chaperones will not be permitted to share a hotel room with one single athlete. There must be at least two athletes, under signed parental consent, in order for a coach to share a room with an athlete other than their own child. Seadogs Swim Club policy is that no chaperones are permitted to stay with athletes 13 years and older. 12 and under swimmers will have a chaperone assigned in their hotel room at the coaches and directors discretion.

Sectional level meets and higher will have one coach attend per 10 athletes. Sub-sectional level travel meets will have one coach per 10 athletes and a chaperone invited with the next 10. Chaperones and coaches will be added in as the 10-1 ratio is met.






Sectional qualifiers must attend a minimum of one sectional meet per year unless conflicting with a higher-level meet (i.e. Jr. or Sr. Nationals).

Hotel rooms will be booked at a maximum of FOUR athletes per room to allow comfortable sleeping and living space. Due to misbehavior, if any swimmer is required by the coach to stay in separate a hotel room, that athlete will be expected pay their entire share of their original hotel room and the cost of their new hotel room. Parents will be called before this decision is made. If problems continue the athlete will be sent home at the expense of the athlete.


Punctuality at workouts and meets is very important. Swimmers who arrive late are disruptive to the entire team. This also does not allow the swimmer to be properly warmed up, and will miss important instructions for the workout/meet. Swimmers must be prepared to begin workout at the given start time. In the case when a late arrival is unavoidable, a phone call must be made to the coach prior to the swimmers arrival.

Workout and Meet Attendance

Each training group has specific attendance goal. Although a swimmer will not be punished for missing a practice, excessive absences may result in the swimmer being asked to train in a lower level group compatible with their attendance. It is the responsibility of the swimmers and parents to familiarize themselves with the attendance goals of their specific group.

Training Equipment Requirements

All swimmers are required to have Fins (no Short fins), Kick Board, Speedo Paddles, Pull Buoy, Front Snorkel, Mesh Bag, goggles, and cap. These items can be purchased at East Valley Sports. They are located at the Corner of 63rd and Main.

Swim Groups

Swim groups are the most important part of the swimmers training. Our director or Head coach will evaluate your swimmer and put them in the group that will best fit your swimmers ability and needs.



PRE. COMPETITIVE:                                                                                                                              

This is for any age swimmer. This group is for all swimmers that are just starting out in the sport or not wanting to compete at a high level. This group is also where all spring, summer, fall, winter leagues swim. These swimmers will need the following equipment: Fins and kickboard. 


SEA PUPS:      
Age: 8 and under. 
Attend at least 2-3 practices a week.
Must be able to swim 25 yards of the pool with Backstroke and Freestyle.
Equipment: Kick board, Speedo hand paddles, Fins (long fins, no short fins)

Age: 14 and under:
Attend at least 3 practices a week.
Attend at least 1 swim meet per month.
Able to swim Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle properly.

Able to swim 100 IM and 100 free non-stop.
Equipment: Kick board, Speedo hand paddles, Fins (long fins, no short fins)

Age: 10 and older: Coach approved
Must have 14 and under Regional times for appropriate age group
Attend 4 practices per week
Attend swim meets every month
Complete 10 X 100 Free 1:45
Complete 6 X 100 IM 2:15
Complete 500 kick 12:30

Equipment: Kick board, Speedo hand paddles, Fins (long fins, No short fins) front snorkel, buoy

Age: 12 and older; Coach approved
Must have 14 and under Q times for appropriate age group
Attend 4-5 practices per week
Attend Swim meets every month
Complete 10 X 50 Free :45
Complete 10 X 100 Free 1:30 500 kick 11:30
Complete 500 kick 11:30

Equipment: Kick board, Speedo hand paddles, Fins (long fins, No short fins) front snorkel, buoy

Age: must be 13 and over
Must have 13 and over Q times
Attend 6 practices per week
Attend swim meets every month
Complete 10 X 100 Free 1:10
Complete 6 X 200 IM 2:30
Complete 750 kick 14:00
Equipment: Kick board, Speedo hand paddles, Fins, front snorkel, buoy



You will receive an email before an upcoming meet stating the deadline. It is your responsibility to sign your swimmer(s) up for the meet by the deadline date. If you do not sign them up by the deadline date then your swimmer(s) cannot swim. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Your Coach will review your entries and call or email you with any changes made to your entries. If you do not know what to swim see your coach for advice.

Once you have entered and the deadline has passed you will be expected to pay all entry fees and will not be entitled to refund. Your swimmer will be entered, expected to swim, and required to pay the entry fees regardless of whether or not that swimmer attends the meet.

Swim Meets

1. Warm up

Swimmers are to arrive at the competition pool 15 minutes before the beginning of the warm up session.

Warm ups will always be conducted by the coaches. Parents should not be involved in the warm up process at any time.

Swimmers are expected to warm up with the team unless excused by the coach.

It is important that swimmers and parents understand that warm up is an essential part of a successful performance.

2. It is customary for us to have a “team area” for swimmers and families to sit together as a group. This helps to build team unity and create a team atmosphere.

3. Team members are never to scratch or late enter an event without first consulting with a coach. In meets with preliminaries and finals, swimmers who qualify are expected to swim finals unless excused by a coach.

4. As a courtesy to officials and the host team, parents should generally stay off deck during a meet unless serving in an official capacity.

5. Parents are asked to refer all questions and concerns regarding meet results, an official’s call or the conduct of a meet to the coach. The coach will then pursue the concern through the proper channel.

6. During a travel meet, all swimmers will be expected to attend all session unless excused by a coach.                                                             (8)

7. Unless excused by a coach, all swimmers participating in a finals session will be expected to stay.

Team Uniform Policy

Swimmers are required to wear only approved Mesa swim club apparel to swim meets. If swimmers do not arrive with the proper apparel, they will not be allowed to compete. Swimmers may have a required dress code for specific travel meets. The dress code will be discussed prior to the meet.

Competition Uniform Requirements

Seadogs Swim team suit*

Seadogs Swim team cap*

Seadogs Swim team shirt*

All relay participants will be in full Seadogs Swim Club gear in order to participate in the relay. If anyone swimmer shows up without the proper attire then a replacement swimmer will be put in that swimmers position until such swimmer has proper attire for the event.

Racing suits (i.e. TYR tracer or fusion, etc.) may be used only during major competitions, and at the discretion of the coach.

Facility Use policy

Seadogs swim club is associated with the City of Mesa and mesa Public Schools. Both these entities own and operate the Skyline Aquatic Center. All coaching staff, family members and swimmers are to follow the rules of both these entities.

Drop off/Pick up

Parents are to park in the parking lot and walk their swimmer to the front door of the aquatic center. When picking up you need to park in the parking lot and pick up your swimmer from the lobby. No Swimmer is allowed to wait outside the lobby unless a coach is with them. No exceptions!




Practice (Deck Rules)

Parents are welcome to watch practice any day anytime. If you bring siblings to the practice you must keep them with you at all times and abide by the rules of the pool. We also ask that you watch from the grand stands to give room for the athlete’s equipment and to keep their belongings dry from the water.

We also ask that parents refrain from talking with the coaching staff while coaching the swimmers. If a coach comes to you during practice that is the time to ask them any questions you may have. If you would like to talk with your swimmers coach or director you need to make an appointment after practice to talk with them. The coaching staff is busy during practice and after practice for those parents that have made an appointment.

Club Communication

Seadogs Swim Club’s primary method of communication is by email and team website. The website includes calendars, news, and events and job sign up tabs. The site is updated regularly. Please click for new and updated information. You may also access your swimmers best times on this website. Go to my meet results.  You may also access your team account standing on the website as well.

Emails will be sent to inform parents/guardians and swimmers of upcoming events, such as swim meets, team social events, fundraising opportunities, volunteer events etc. Please make sure you verify your email address and keep all information up to date with our team.

Text messaging will be used to cancel practice or get a message to the parents ASAP when it comes to practice. During the summer time practices may be canceled up to 15 min before practice or during practice do to lighting. You will be texted immediately to come and pick up your swimmer.

Parent Cooperation and Communication

Cooperation and communication between parents and coaches is a vital part of a successful program. If a parent disagrees with a coach, the problem must be privately resolved between the two. A parent’s critical comments directed at the coach in the presence of a swimmer may have a negative impact on the confidence the swimmer has in the coach. Coaches always welcome input from parents and will make themselves available outside of workouts and competition.

The USA Swimming website is a great resource for parents. They have information regarding many topics including: swimming 101, the role of the parent, nutrition and health. Please go to, and click on “Parents”. Mesa swim club also has parent videos that can be lent out for your viewing.                                 




Your family must provide one adult to volunteer each year to help run swim meets and other events for Seadogs Swim Club. All Families are responsible to volunteer 10 hours a year.  Your family is required to volunteer regardless of whether your swimmer participates in the meet. Failure to meet this requirement will result in an assessment of $40.00 for each hour not worked. This fee will be assessed in the month of September of each year. You will receive an invoice in the months of March, June, September and December with the amount owed.

Away meet volunteering

Your family is required to volunteer time at away meets when asked. A timing chair list will be published and emailed to you a day or so prior to the meet. If you are not able to work it is your responsibility to find someone to work for you. The penalties for failing to meet timing requirement are

First offense: written warning, Second offense: $40.00 fine, Third offense: Suspension of meet privileges.

Methods for meeting Volunteer hour requirements

Setting up, preparing, cooking, clean up for team social or fundraising events, as well as summer awards and party.

Coordinating and working special social events, such as Christmas Party, and summer fun day.

Set-up, clean up, working equipment at swim meets hosted by our team.

The number of hours for these various volunteer opportunities will be determined by the hours worked unless otherwise stated. A volunteer sign-up sheet must be made available by the person coordinating the event and completed by the volunteer for credit to be given. If you are working an event and no one gives you the form to fill out please ask for it.








Seadogs Swim Club strictly prohibits, and will not tolerate, harassment of any kind of any swimmer, parent or coach by anyone in or outside the membership/employment of the club. This policy prohibits harassment in any form, including sexual harassment. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct or written communication of an intimidating, hostile or offensive nature.



Any club member who is determined to have engaged in harassing conduct is subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal of his or her membership in the MESA Swim Club.



Any club member who believes that he or she is being harassed should immediately contact their coach.

Any coach or other employee who feels that he or she is being harassed should immediately report the offensive to the Head Coach.

Within 24 hours of receiving a report of harassment, a coach should notify the director immediately, of the reported incident.

The coach and the director shall promptly investigate and document any reports of harassment. If the reported harassment involves conduct by a swimmer against another swimmer, the parents or guardians shall be informed, as quickly as possible, but in no event less than 48 hours, after the coach and directors are informed of the offensive conduct. If possible, and within the coach’s discretion, the swimmers shall be separated during practice until the investigation of the alleged conduct is complete.