$75.00 per month

$45.00 US Masters Fee (this is per year)

$35.00 US Masters Admin. (this is per year)


Cancelation Policy:

You must give a 30-day email or written withdrawal notice to terminate membership. Please note that without 30 days notice you will be charged for the following month. All payments are non-refundable regardless of facility usage.

Registration Fee:

There is a one-time registration fee of $80.00 for all members (new or returning.) This fee includes U S Masters fee and registration. Please note, all swimmers who suspend their membership will be subject to a registration fee upon return.

Membership Freezes:

Seadogs Masters members may freeze their membership for up to 3 months. Member must specify the start date and end date of the freeze.  Membership billing will automatically restart after the freeze period unless the member submits a cancelation request prior to the end of the freeze period. Members who submit an online request for a freeze or cancelation will receive an email confirmation from MESA Swim Club confirming that request has been processed.