Registration Info.

Thank you for your interest in the Seadogs Swim Club. If you have an athlete that is wanting to join our team follow the directions below.

  • Contact our office at 480-807-3317 and set up a time for your evaluation.
  • Have your swimmer swim with the group for 1 week free.
  • Sign up online Registration

If you need financial aid please contact our office. Once you turn in your registration packet you will receive your team shirt and team cap.

Registration Fees For All Swimmers: 

USA swimming registration fee:  $72.00 per year, this is paid directly to USA swimming by our team. If your swimmer joins in April they will be a seasonal swimmer until September. Seasonal fee for 2017-18 $42.00. Pre. Comp. and High School is $20.00 per year.

Mesa Public Schools facility use fee for Skyline swimmers only: $100.00 per year, paid directly to MPS by our team. We bill your account every quarter $25.00 in the months of January, April, July and October per swimmer.

City of Mesa facility use fee for Skyline swimmers only: $5.00 in the month of January, April, July and October. This fee is paid directly to City of Mesa

Red Mountain Country Club and Power Ranch do not require usage fees.

When a Competitive Swimmer joins:

Competitive Team: When your athlete registers you will be responsible for their USA swimming fees and our team registration fee which will be collected in 2 payments of $75.00 each. First payment is collected when you register your swimmer and next is 3/1. Our team does not require service hours at this time. 

These fees are non refundable

If you are on free and reduced meals from your school please turn that into our office for a discounted rate for your USA swimming fee.

If you need to take a break or no longer would like to swim with our club, you must give a 30 day notice. This information is also found in our team handbook.