The Barracuda Swim Club endeavors to provide the best experiences for our members while operating within a sound fiscal philosophy. We understand the importance of knowing up front the financial obligations associated with being on our team. This page is made available to provide that information.  However, if you have any questions or have unusual circumstances which should be considered, feel free to contact a Coach or our Treasurer.

There are several categories of fees members of the team pay to participate.  The USA Swimming Registration Fee allows a child to participate in practices and meets and provides a secondary insurance policy for the child.  The BSC Registration Fee covers equipment purchases and administrative costs associated with our team. Training Fees cover professional coaching, lifeguard and safety support, pool and weight training access fees and are assessed based on a child's practice group.  Meet Fees are charged when a child elects to participate in a swimming meet. 

 USA Swimming Annual Fee
USA Swimming governs swim teams throughout the country. This organization sets standards which teams must meet and provides support to our club. The Registration Fee is set by USA Swimming each year and is due at the time of Registration. Swimmers who register after June 1st have their USA Swimming fees valid through December 31st of the following year.  This year a new type of annual membership, called the Flex Membership was introduced. While an annual membership, the Flex Membership has the following restrictions: (1) a swimmer may only compete in 2 USA Swimming Meets and (2) the meets must be below the Southeastern Championship Meet level. If a swimmer wishes to swim more than 2 USA Swimming Meets or compete at a higher-level meet, he will have to upgrade to the Premium Membership by simply paying the difference.  Click HERE to get a more detailed explanation.
             2022 USA Swimming Premium Membership Fee: $78               
             2022 USA Swimming Flex Membership Fee: $20
             2022 Upgrade from Flex to Premium Membership: $58
For those eligible for the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program, see below for an explanation of our Outreach/Scholarship program, including reduced USA Swimming Fees.

BSC Registration Fee
The team registration fee is $50 per swimmer and is payable at Registration.  The registration fee covers administrative expenses and the cost of a team Tshirt and swim cap for each child.  Swimmers in the Green practice groups do not pay this fee.  Once Green swimmers graduate to the Blue group, the registration fee will be applied.

BSC Training Fees
The Barracuda Swim Club is a year-round organization which employs full-time, professional coaches to provide an exceptional experience for our swimmers.  As such, expenses occur even when a child may be out of the water.  Our training fee structure has been developed with approved policies to provide a sound fiscal foundation for our club. Training fees are based on the practice group and scheduled practice times a swimmer is assigned to by the coach. Since we have two approximately 2-week breaks scheduled in the year, annual training fees are based on an 11-month training cycle.  Training fees are reduced for the months in which our scheduled breaks occur.

Discounts are provided in the Blue, Silver, PreSenior and Senior groups for families with more than one child on our team.  A multi-child discount is not available for swimmers in our Green or Summer Program groups.

For the 2nd child:                   

 5% discount on training fees

For the 3rd child:              

10% discount on training fees

For the 4th child (& more):    

25% discount on training fees

Payment Schedule
The USA Swimming Registration Fee, Team Registration Fee, and Initial Training Fee payments are due at registration.  Monthly training fees are due by the 5th of the month. A late fee of $25 is assessed if payment is not received by the 10th of the month.  For those joining or re-registering in September, a lump-sum payment option is available.  There is a 5% discount applied to the lump-sum payment.  When registering in other months, the monthly option will apply.

If a child elects to discontinue swimming for the Barracudas, a 30-day notice must be given to the Office Manager and Coach in order to avoid the next month's Training Fee billing.

Listed below are our training fees.  Fees take into account two scheduled team breaks during the year as well as pool usage fees. Our fiscal year begins on September 1.  During our two scheduled breaks, only a half month of fees will be charged.





(Sept only)














Green 2 NA $65
Green 1 NA $45

Fundraising Contribution
Some teams promote a low dues amount, but then tack on a fundraising contribution amount on top of that.  We prefer to be more transparent with our fees. There is no additional required fundraising obligation to be on the Barracudas.

Meet Fees
Meet fees are typically based on the number of events a swimmer is entered in for a meet (Typically, $4-$5 per event).  An additional surcharge of $3-$5 per swimmer is usually assessed by the Region to cover administrative costs.  At some venues, a facility charge may also be required.  All this information can be found in the published meet information.  In addition, BSC swimmers participating in away meets are assessed a $5 per day amount to help cover the cost of sending a coach to the meet.  Meet fees are due within one week from the time the events and fees are posted and are non-refundable.  It is important that meet fees are paid when the entries are posted to the web site, as we must remit the entry fees to the host club when the entries are sent in.

Scholarship Policy

The Barracuda Swim Club realizes that some families may wish to be members of our team but due to economic circumstances cannot afford the established fees. To that effect, the following scholarship policy has been established:

Eligibility: Children who qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced School Lunch Program are eligible.

Documentation: A copy of the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program letter that is used by the school system the child attends is required.

            1. USA Swimming Annual dues will be $5.00.  An USA Swimming Outreach Membership application must be filled out and turned in along with the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program letter.  An Outreach Membership application can be found in the "Forms" section under the "For Parents" tab.
            2. The BSC annual registration fee is reduced to 50% of the current annual registration fee.
            3. The monthly training fees (dues) are 25% of the monthly fee for the swimmer’s assigned training group.
            4. Meet fees and additional costs involved with the program remain the responsibility of the family.

Note: Southeastern Swimming will provide funds to pay for entry fees to one "away" meet per year per Outreach-registered swimmer. Costs covered include meet entry fees, Southeastern surcharge, and any facility surcharge. Transportation, meals, lodging, etc are not included.  The Head Coach must be contacted prior to signing up for the away meet of one's choosing to take advantage of this benefit.

Several payment methods are available:
1. Pay by credit card on our website
            An additional 2.95% + $0.30 transaction fee will be added to all credit card transactions
2. Automatic withdrawal via ACH debit
            Simply fill out the DEBT AUTHORIZATION FORM (Click on the FOR PARENTS tab on the website > FORMS) and return it to the team Treasurer.  All transactions will be processed on the 5th day of the month (or the next weekday if the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday)
3. Mail Checks
            Checks should be sent to: Kathie Battista, 4111 Glaze Road, Johnson City, TN 37601
            ** A $30 fee will be charged for all returned checks**
            Coaches cannot accept cash or checks.
Please contact, Kathie Battista, (423-943-1015) if you have any payment questions.

Past Due Accounts
While most members are very responsible in paying their obligations in a timely manner, the Board felt that a codified policy was necessary to deal with any delinquent accounts.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the policy, which can be found in the "Team Policies" section under the "About Our Club" tab.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact one of the site coaches or our Team Treasurer.

Returning Collegiate Swimmers
The club feels that collegiate swimmers returning to practice with the Barracudas can be positive role models and an inspiration for our age-group swimmers.  Since most collegiate swimmers cannot practice with the club for the entire year, the following dues policy has been established:
    * All collegiate swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming for insurance purposes.
    * If a collegiate swimmer is participating for less than a week (for example, while home for Thanksgiving break), that week will be provided at no cost.
    * If a collegiate swimmer is participating for more than a week (for example, during the summer), dues will be prorated based on the swimmer's attendance.