Swim Evaluations

BSL Swim Evaluations
BSL requires all new swimmers to come for a swim evaluation to ensure proper group placement. 
There is evaluation days are held regularly, or if you have not been able to attend an evaluation day, you can still schedule a personal evaluation time by contacting  Be sure to schedule your evaluation quickly as registration spots may be limited by group. 

Evaluations are only informational. Membership and any commitment beyond that are an option only if you decide to join the team. 

BSL offers groups for all ages and abilities. While we do have groups that have practice commitments, most of these groups are for older swimmers. Most swimmers on BSL under the age of 11 years old are members of our Age Group Foundations, Development, or Refinement groups.

Team Registration
Returning swimmers can register for the team immediately. If your swimmer has been away from BSL for the summer months or 2 months or more please contact to find out if they need to come for a swim evaluation before starting back. 
Age group swimmers new to Birmingham who have been members of a USA swimming club should contact for group placement and team information.