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Practice Levels

Junior Level I 

At the beginning, swimmers start at Junior Level I. Stroke technique instruction on the fundamentals is taught in all four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breastroke, and butterfly), but emphasis is placed on freestyle and backstroke at this level. Competitive starts and turns are also introduced. Swimmers on this level usually practice in 45 minute sessions, three or four days a week during the school year, and five days a week during the summer. Participation in 3 - 4 swim meets; especially at the recreation level is recommended. Coach John makes decisions on promotion to the next level based on age, swim times, meet performance, etc.
Junior Level II
Junior Level II is a beginning competitive group. Most of the swimmers in this group are participating regularly in competitions. Emphasis continues in technique mechanics in all four competitive strokes and refinement of starts and turns. Swimmers at this level practice in 1 ½ hour sessions three or four days a week during the school year, and five days a week during the summer. Junior Level II swimmers may register with USA Swimming, and participate in USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets.
Junior Level III
Junior Level III swimmers have started to exhibit good swimming skills. They spend the majority of their time working on the refinement of stroke mechanics and developing training skills and processes. Practice sessions last for 2 ½ hours three to four days a week during the school year, and five days a week during the summer months. Junior Level III swimmers are expected to participate in 6 – 8 scheduled competitions each year.
Senior Level I
Senior Level I swimmers are at least 11 years old and well versed in technique and strategy. Generally, they have a skill level commensurate with specific time standards. Workouts for these swimmers are offered five days a week throughout the year. During the school term, afternoon practice lasts for 2 ½ hours three days a week and morning practice is held for 1 hour twice a week. Summer practice lasts 3
hours five days a week. Senior Level I swimmers are expected to participate in 7 – 8 scheduled competitions each year.
Senior Level II
Senior Level II swimmers exhibit the highest levels of swimming and workout ability. They are expected to be mature, dedicated, responsible swimmers who also consistently act as role models for other swimmers. As Senior Level II swimmers increase their commitment to swimming and dry land exercise, they are expected to maintain good academic standings. During the school year, Senior Level II swimmers practice for 2 ½ hours four days a week. Summer practices last for 3 hours five days a week. Senior Level II swimmers are expected to attend all scheduled meets each season.