Swimmer Resources

Online Resources for Ensworth Aquatics Masters’ Swimmers

Updated April 27, 2020 



USMS.org– An excellent resource for all things masters’ swimming-related. You can find a plethora of masters’ specific articles and videos, and as a USMS member, you can read Swimmer Magazine and Streamlines online, as well as access various interesting blogs. 

Check out the USMS COVID-19 Member Resources page, which includes articles, workouts, more membership benefits, and ideas for things to do while home during this crisis.

Swim Like A. Fish – Abbie Fish is one of our teammates (she used to live in Nashville and has stayed registered with us after moving to Louisville!) Abbie is an incredibly talented swimmer and coach; she is excellent with swimming technique instruction!  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, subscribe to her newsletter, and think about joining The School of Fish!

The Race Club –Run by Gary Hall, Sr., who runs very successful technique-oriented swim camps, develops many articles and videos focused on swimming technique, and has been a resource for many in the top-level of USA Swimming. Gary is now partnered with USMS and is offering for a limited time a FREE 2-month trial and 20% off the membership fee to join The Race Club.

Swimming World Magazine – Swimming news, articles, stroke technique videos, etc.

SwimSwam – Swimming news, articles, videos, etc. You can follow on FB or Instagram for daily updates. Recently posted an At Home Swim Training page with options to check out.

GoSwim – a membership-based site providing many helpful videos on swimming technique; sometimes free videos available on Twitter, etc.

Gain Swimming – “…customized dryland training for swim teams of all sizes.”  Ensworth Aquatics age group team endorses and uses Gain Swimming’s approach for their dryland workouts.

International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) – Mainly for coaches; membership based.  Offers informative scientific podcasts on a wide range of swimming topics.

ACTIVE – Offers online workouts, articles, and local events for swimming and other sports.


FREE Online Offerings

NOTE: Please use caution when trying new dryland fitness routines, especially if they are not created specifically for adults or Masters’ swimmers.  We want to use time out of the water to maintain and improve fitness, but we do not want to create injuries.  Feel free to contact Coach Chris if you have any questions about the below workouts.

USMSWeekly Dryland Training Workouts You Can Do From Home (by Bo Hickey).

Swim Like A. Fish (Abbie Fish) – See above for information, and check out these below:

Free Dryland Workouts for Swimmers

Social Distancing & Can’t Swim-Do These 5 Exercises.

Swimmers Edge Yoga (Trina Schaetz) – Trina is a sweet friend who is well-known and recognized within the USMS and USA Swimming community for her yoga workouts designed for swimmers.  Trina is now offering a free 30-day trial for her online classes.  I have taken some of her classes, and I absolutely recommend you take advantage of this deal!

Swimming Specific Yoga (Jeff Grace) – Jeff is offering 2 FREE months (until May 31st) of online yoga classes for swimmers. I have not yet participated in any of these classes, but he is partnered with SwimSwam and has been recommended by many in the masters’ swimming community.

15-day Yoga for Swimmers Challenge starts Tuesday, April 14th, with prizes offered!

Yoga for Swimmers Mobility Practice Two - Increasing Thoracic Spine Mobility – new online article and yoga class.


Planet Fitness (our teammate, Jamie Mason, owns a number of franchises across the country) – Planet Fitness is offering FREE “Home Work-Ins;” you can access workouts on Facebook Live @6pm Central Time or do them later by finding the videos here on their Facebook page.

GoSwim – Second week of FREE technique videos; site is completely open to peruse.

30-Minute Beginning Mat Pilates Video by Teammate Tracy Frazier!  Tracy is a Classically-trained Pilates instructor who uses the principles of Pilates while swimming, especially for body alignment and with all strokes.  If you have scoliosis, you may not want to try the video.

Ironman Virtual Club – Free to sign up for the Ironman Virtual Racing Series, which provides some competition to help replace those canceled races.


Instagram Offerings

Swim Outlet (@SwimOutlet) –Live at-home dryland workouts (10-11am PST) catered to swimmers.

Swim Like A. Fish (@theafish1 ) – Daily dryland routines, technique instruction, and inspiration.

Gain Swimming (@gain_swim) – Home Workout Series; daily dryland workouts.  Note: Created for USA Swimming teams, so be careful and modify, as necessary.

*USMS (@mastersswimming) “At-Home Fiesta” to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of USMS – including Throwback Thursday photo submission.


Informational Webinars

Fitter and Faster Free Webinar Series –A number of live broadcasts offered each day, as well as the taped versions if unable to participate live.

SWIMNERD/Inside with Brett Hawke – Interviews with coaches, swimmers, etc.



Non-Swimming Ideas for Physical and Mental Wellness

  • Nashvilleguru – A great site for Nashville, in general, but now offering a helpful and expansive guide of podcasts, virtual concerts, at-home workouts by local studios, boutiques offering online shopping, authors, and even local restaurants to support that provide delivery/pickup.
  • Headspace – A well-regarded online healthcare site that specializes in mindfulness and meditation.  As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Headspace offering a FREE subscription through the end of the year to healthcare professionals who work in a public setting. I have heard very positive feedback over the years about this site.
  • Calm – Calm is a highly recommended software company based in San Francisco, California, that produces meditation products, including guided meditations and Sleep Stories.
  • NYT Cooking – Use up some of those unused pantry items  and try out some new recipes while you have more time at home.  I have found some great ideas from this site, and it was free to subscribe.
  • Check out these sites to find some great places to take a bike rideFitt (The Best Bike Trails in Nashville), Foursquare (The 15 Best Places for Biking in Nashville), RootsRated (Cycling in Nashville), Nashville.gov (Mountain Biking), and Walk Bike Nashville (Bike Maps).


Swimming-Related Books:

  • Finding Your Silver Lining (Elizabeth Beisel) – have not yet read, but plan to do so!
  • The Three-Year Swim Club: The Untold Story of Maui’s Sugar Ditch Kids and Their Quest for Olympic Gold (Julie Checkoway) –LOVED this book.  Highly recommend.
  • Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer (Lynn Cox) – Autobiography of record-setting open water swimmer, Lynne Cox. Incredible descriptions of her amazing feats.
  • Relentless Spirit: The Unconventional Raising of a Champion (Missy Franklin, et al)
  • Swim: Why We Love the Water (Lynn Sherr)
  • Swimming Studies (Leanne Shapton)
  • The Joy of Swimming: A Celebration of Our Love for Getting in the Water (Lisa Congdon)

Swimming-Related Movies:

  • Touch the Wall (2014) – documentary following Kara Lynn Joyce and Missy Franklin on their paths to the 2012 London Olympics.
  • The Last Gold (2016) – documentary concerning the 1976 Olympics, USA star-swimmer Shirley Babashoff, the East German doping scandal, and the USA women’s relay that, in a huge upset, won the final relay in Montreal.
  • Swim Team (2016)—documentary about the formation of a competitive swim team consisting of teenagers on the autism spectrum and its life-changing effects.
  • Kim Swims (2017) – “The inspiring true story of an accomplished open water swimmer's attempt to become the first woman to swim 30 miles through a stretch of cold, rough and shark-inhabited waters off of the San Francisco coast.”
  • Pride (2007) – Biopic drama loosely based on the true story of swim coach Jim Ellis, who founded an all-black swim team in Philadelphia in the 1970’s.
  • Sink or Swim (2018) –French comedy about middle-aged men forming their own synchronized swim team.
  • Swimming with Men (2018) – British comedy about a male lap swimmer who joins a men’s synchronized swim team.
  • Swimming Upstream (2003) – Australian biographical drama covering 10 years in the topsy-turvy life of 1964 Olympian Anthony Fingleton.
  • SwimFan (2002) – thriller about a teenage swimmer with a promising future, until he meets a bewitching transfer student.  Yikes…not the best reviews, but swimming-related, nonetheless.
  • Neptune’s Daughter (1949) – starring Esther Williams.
  • Million Dollar Mermaid (1952) – starring Esther Williams.
  • Dangerous When Wet (1953) – starring Esther Williams.
  • The Swimmer (1968) –starring Burt Lancaster.


Pool Workouts

See below for a selection of workouts from which to choose if you need guidance while out of town or if you plan to swim on your own on certain days.  

Please contact Coach Chris McPherson if you would like to have her text you a specific day's workout from the current schedule.