Swim Meet 101

 Swim Meets 101 

Edit Commitment      

A meet is coming up, and you need to register your swimmer.  We promise it is not as hard as it seems.  So, when it’s time to commit a swimmer, follow these steps:    

First, begin at www.ensworthaquatics.com on the Home Screen. Locate the Events menu, which is directly below the photo slideshow.   Next, go to Swim Meets and click on the meet you want to enter.   This will take you to the Swim Meet page. 

Notice a pink box with Edit Commitment on the top right (see image on right). Clicking this button will direct users to the Event Signup page.  Now, scroll to the bottom of that page and find your swimmer's name, which will be underlined and hyperlinked. Click on his/her name; this action will direct users to the Athlete event Signup.  From here, notice a drop-down box titled, Declaration. Click on it and a two-option menu will appear; this is where users can edit their athlete’s commitment to “attending” or “not attending” (see image below on right).  Once you indicate that your swimmer is swimming, you can select the events you want him/her to swim and save your work.

If this process is not completed, we cannot always guarantee a swimmer can be entered late and compete in the meet.  Obviously, we never want that to happen, so if you need help with this process, please seek out a coach for assistance.     If your child will NOT be attending a meet, you MUST select the option that says "No thanks (NAME) will NOT attend this event" (see image on the right).

The Heat Sheet 

It might be hard to look at, but it is your best friend at every swim meet.  A day or two before a meet, check Team Unify meet page for the Heat Sheet.  We recommend printing it before the meet.  At larger meets, teams will charge $5 for a Heat Sheet, so get in the habit of printing them out ahead of time.    

Cracking the Heat Sheet  

First, the event number tells you what race will be swum. Beside the event number, there is race description: 8 & Under 25 Yard Freestyle.  Second, you will find Heat 1 of 1. The heat determines which race your child will swim in. 

Go ahead scan the heat sheet and find your swimmer and highlight their races.  Using our picture as an example, there is only one heat for event #6, so only one race swims.  Next, the line of vertical numbers 1 through 6 represent the lanes. 

We STRONGLY encourage our Team Prep and Stingray parents to write their swimmers' events on their arms and their names on their back.  It helps the Clerk of Course find swimmers before their races.   

You can find the heat sheet (as well as all other documents associated with this meet) on the meet page for the specific meet you are participating in. Parents can print the heat sheet and find your swimmer's events, heats, and lanes. I recommend that you highlight this information as it will prove useful on meet day.   

Ins and Outs of Meet Days

For our development meets, we will have all athletes meet in our back lobby (to access the back lobby, please exit the building via the double doors from the main lobby, walk down the terrace and enter the back lobby through the double doors).  You will then sign-in and meet the coaches.    

Athletes can bring their personal items with them onto the deck, including a chair to sit on, swim bag, goggles, cap, two towels, and a water bottle. Parents, you will part ways with athletes in the back lobby and head to check-in for volunteering. We ask that parents stay off the pool deck unless filling an assigned volunteer position.   

A Couple Important Notes

1) We suggest athletes eat lunch prior to coming to the meet. Concessions will be closed for this event. 

2) Please have your heat sheet printed so you will be able to keep up with the meet.

3) Please have your child's name written on his/her right shoulder ahead of time (written the same way it is read on the heat sheet). 

4) You can write your child's events on his/her arm if you would like (not required). This can be written in E for event, H for heat, and L for lane. See example below:

E    H     L
1     2     3
3     4     6

5) Pack two towels - one for during the meet and one for after.

6) Be at check-in on time. It is so important that athletes are at the event on time. We will not wait for swimmers who are not checked in by warm-up. Those who are not checked in by warmup will be scratched from the meet.